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  1. Ernest T
    Ernest T soreshoulder
    Hey, thanks a lot for the quick name change!
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  2. Ernest T
    Ernest T soreshoulder
    Would like to change name to Ernest T if available.

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  3. JR Priddy
    JR Priddy J.Boyette
    Do you have any stripped lowers in? Brand and price Thanks
  4. Kerstie Allen
    Kerstie Allen
    Vepr 12 for sale
  5. Ticket Machine
    Ticket Machine six8
    Easy deal, straight up guy.
  6. Chris Urrutia
    Chris Urrutia
    Pistol Core 17-1 coming up 28 January. For just $100 you can take an EDC defensive pistol course in the Stanfield/Charlotte area.
  7. RabidPossum
    RabidPossum RaiderANV
    Hey man, wanted to see if you still had the shotgun.
    1. RaiderANV
      Sure do.....right behind my headboard here in Texas. Fired five times since I got it. Two for pattern and three shots at coyotes in the back yard killing one. Others got the message
      Jan 9, 2017
  8. shoehead
    shoehead wetdog1911
    Hey Wet and so sorry for the delayed response. We've haven't had the internet for 3 days! Regarding trades for the Marlin 39A, I'm pretty open, but would really like a 4" GP100, or perhaps even a Blackhawk. Been in the market for a 357 for a while. But what do you have? Thanks! C
  9. mackman77
    mackman77 1 eye
    What would you take for the Smith 19?
  10. JohnFreeman
    Probably reading another gun forum.
  11. LesBaer45
    Gone, baby, gone.
  12. majdurham
    Went rogue as well
  13. WNC Seabee
    WNC Seabee
    When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the... bands which have connected them with another...
  14. abcgt2l
    abcgt2l cmnowlin
    Sir, Are you the original owner of the rifle? Also what is the round count and age of the weapon. Do you have the box and manuals.

  15. JohnFreeman
    reading many forums
  16. Tyler Brown
    Tyler Brown Brand On
    Im intersted in the ar pistol if still available please contact me at 8287475288 thank you
  17. FlatFender
    I am not here anymore.
  18. mulletmaster
  19. mulletmaster
  20. Tyler Brown
    Tyler Brown startrek
    Hi im interested in your upper with out the bcg and charging handle and sights but i have a handgun to trade if interested please contact me at 8287475288 thank you
  21. Linoge
  22. Catfish
    Gone to CFF
  23. NCLivingBrit
    Don't like Tim Horton's? Ask me where freedom reigns.
  24. slag
    slag wk9k
    Are the L1A1 magazines still available?
  25. df0101
  26. diablos30
  27. DrDover
    Carolina Firearms Forum !!!
  28. Dcgallim
    Find me elsewhere
  29. Handgun Man
    Handgun Man zack
    Zack was on time and great to deal with.
  30. Cocked & Locked