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  1. Jeppo
    Jeppo knifeman32
    Would you send me information about your $15 FFL transfers? Thanks!
  2. Phillip Bunn
  3. Ster
    Ster Lord of War
    sorry was trying to send PM......didn't see how to do that
  4. Ster
    Ster Lord of War
    Good evening, I live in Lewisville (outside of Winston-Salem) and asking if you still have the P-38 for sale ? Thanks, Sterling
    1. Lord of War
      Lord of War
      Don't have a P38 for sale. Thanks.
      May 22, 2017 at 10:55 PM
    2. Ster
      Thanks, it was actually a P-1....I appreciate your prompt response.
      May 22, 2017 at 11:48 PM
  5. RetiredUSNChief
    RetiredUSNChief Lord of War
    Walther PPQ:

    Not looking to buy, so I didn't want to post in that thread. But a year or so back, my wife brought up this pistol so I'm interested in a first hand impression on it. What was it like to handle/shoot? And how's the breakdown and cleaning on it, in comparison to there handguns?
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    2. Lord of War
      Lord of War
      Sending PM. Apparently my response is too long to fit here.
      May 22, 2017 at 1:40 PM
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  6. Lance Lindberg
    Lance Lindberg michael Bondurant
    Glock still available?
  7. cuser37
    cuser37 michael Bondurant
    Would you take $400 cash for the Glock 43 BFG? Im in the Charlotte area.
  8. Handgun Man
    Handgun Man nccruiser1
    Just met Andy for a deal. He was great to work with from day one, quickly responding to messages and communicating clearly. Good negotiating on both ends and enjoyed talking with him. Super guy!
  9. Alan0825
    Alan0825 Agilmore01
    Is the sig still available?
  10. mk12mod1
    mk12mod1 NC49
    Hey there. Did you sell the sr22? Is it new?
  11. space
    space 1911gobang
    I'm interested in some steel targets and would like to support the local guys.

    It sould hold up to a 50BMG
    I'm thinking 3/4" AR500
    Do you have anything in 12"x20" a 12" or a 15" Gong.
    If so, what would the prices be ?
    Also, do you ship or is it pick up only?
    where are you located?
    I'm in Reidsville
  12. cuser37
    cuser37 mk12mod1
    can you give me separate pricing for the 10x100 wwb in 40 cal the 5x50 wwb in 9mm and the 5x50 blazer brass in 9mm?
  13. sdiver2006
    sdiver2006 WhiskeyBravo27
    Can you shoot me a pic or 2?
  14. mk12mod1
    mk12mod1 cuser37
    Does that mean you're not interested?
  15. Bill Holbert
  16. mk12mod1
    mk12mod1 cuser37
    Or were you asking to take the .45 out because you don't want it. Sorry if I misread.
  17. mk12mod1
    mk12mod1 cuser37
    2x100 wwb 230 fmj

    40: 1675 rounds
    10x100 wwb 165 fmj
    1x100 Rem umc 180 jhp ***
    1x25 golden sabre 180 jhp ***
    50 assorted defensive rounds. Golden saber, dolt dot, etc
    10x50 American eagle 155 fmj

    9mm: 1100 rounds
    5x50 wwb 115gr fmj
    5x50 blazer brass 115
    2x50 American eagle 147 fmj
    10x50 brass federal 115 fmj

    .223/5.56 can be added in small amounts at additional charge.

    Can split up if needed.

  18. mk12mod1
    mk12mod1 cuser37
    Hey there. Sorry if I hid the price at the bottom.
  19. Frank plantamura
    Frank plantamura Steve L
    would you be willing to sell ALL powder and primers for $200?
    8# 231
    1# WST
    2300 SPPs
  20. Bill Holbert
    Bill Holbert
    Hello from Apex, NC
  21. Bill Holbert
    Bill Holbert
    how do i post, i dont have permissions
  22. Mark Brooks
    Mark Brooks bigbuckslayer86
    Thanks for the meet. A+++ Guy Thanks
  23. Handgun Man
    Handgun Man Phantom
    Second transaction with Lew. Good man, easy to work with.
  24. hcm3rd
    hcm3rd Oldwolf
    Love to have a few more pics. Is there an email address or cell number I can reach you at.
  25. hcm3rd
    hcm3rd Oldwolf
    I'm interested in the 52
  26. 1966442W30
    1966442W30 makeutap247
    Is the 45 acp large primer or small primer

  27. jdthompson79
    jdthompson79 Yankee2500
    Looking for 2000 rounds 9mm. What would be the shipped price to 27360
  28. procobob
    procobob makeutap247
    Would you be willing to take $250 for them? Will come to you to pick up at your convenience.
  29. JudgeBAC
    JudgeBAC musik99
    How much to ship Colt to FFL in Hickory NC
  30. GregB72
    GregB72 driver
    My trade value is @$650, I'm open to non cash boot...
    1. driver
      Ok, I'll keep it in mind. Thank you sir!
      Apr 11, 2017