SKS with ammo

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    I have a Chinese SKS that i am looking to get rid of because i don't ever shoot it. All of the numbers match and it is very clean. I have personally shot the gun about 100 times and had no problems at all. It will come with the bayonet and sling the original mag and a tapco 30 round mag. I also have 160 rounds of non corrosive 123 Gr 7.62x39 will come in two nifty carrying pouches to go on your belt and i also have 100 or so rounds of wolf hollow points 45 of them are on stripper clips.

    Looking to sell FTF in concord/kannapolise area asking $650 for the whole shabang.

    Trade interest are 9mm glocks and .22 auto pistols

    for pics please text me at 7047019697 thanks Alan

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