WTS-Beretta Model 84 Cheetah w/ dies, ammo, brass and custom grips

Discussion in 'Handguns for Sale' started by Deerjager, Oct 21, 2012.

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    I have a really nice Beretta Model 84 Cheetah for sale. This is my old concealed carry gun. I no longer carry this gun and it is just sitting in the safe. This is the Bruniton finish with double stack magazines model. This is a gun that was bought during the ban, so the mags have a 10 round capacity. This gun would be legal for all those who live in “occupied” socialist states :D.

    I bought a set of custom wooden grips and sent them off to have a Cheetah laser engraved on each side. These grips really set off the gun and I have gotten many compliments on them. The original, plastic grips are in the box. I have all the original bore brush, owner’s manual, plastic and outer shipping carton.

    Gun has been carried a lot thru the years and round count is probably around 450-500 though. There are some slight wear places on the high spots, ie: safety lever, front corner of slide. Not very noticeable, but this is an honest carry gun. There are 10+ pictures in the album linked below. I am including a set of Lee 380 ACP dies and a bag of what is supposed to be once fired brass I bought at a gun show. I bought 500 rounds of Winchester Silvertip HP ammo with the gun and will include all that is left (about 170 +/- rounds). I know I have shot 329 (500-171 = 329) rounds of the silvertip ammo and a few boxes of the white box FMJ stuff.

    http://s953.photobucket.com/albums/ae11/Deerjager/Guns/84 Beretta Cheetah/

    Not interested in trades at this time unless it is to my advantage. Price is $600.00 + $30-35 shipping from my FFL to yours. This price includes the gun, 2 magazines, box, bag of brass, dies and 170 or so rounds of HP ammo. About $90 worth of ammo, $15-20 worth of brass, and $20 for the reloading dies. The grips cost me $65 + $50 for the laser engraving.

    Payment methods are cash at a FTF, USPS m.o. or "Gift" PayPal or PayPal +4% only. FTF possible if close to my county. First "I'll take it" with a follow up email or PM is the new owner. Please feel free to ask any questions. Posted elsewhere on other forums, so don’t procrastinate. Trade interests might include a quality bolt action in a caliber I do not have already, Remington or Savage slug gun, Encore or Icons from TC.

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