1 April, 2017 Mil-Dot Optics Course, New Hill NC

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    Link to sign up: https://www.replacingluck.net/product-page/mil-reticle-course

    Location: Woody’s Hunting and Rifle Club LINK
    Date / Time: 1 April 2017 / 9am-4pm
    Cost: $149.95

    How many of you own and have read about how you use your Mil reticle for ranging of targets or hold overs? How many of you have learned from a book or an article on how this really works? Well we are offering a great training event to teach you how to do this task. You will spend the day learning how to range targets and how to calculate holdovers for your rifle.


    · Hold Over Techniques
    · Range Estimation of targets
    · Sliding Scale Technique
    · Loop hole measurement and engagement
    · Mechanical Offset holdoff

    Equipment to bring:

    · Rifle with a mil-reticle able to be adjusted over 6x magnification
    · 100 rounds of Match grade ammunition (reloads of factory)
    · Proper clothing for the weather
    · PPE / Eye Pro / Ear Pro
    · Bi-pod “if you need it”
    · Writing equipment, note pad
    · Tools to work on your rifle
    · Water
    · Mil Dot-Master (MUST HAVE)

    Link to sign up: https://www.replacingluck.net/product-page/mil-reticle-course
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    john do you have any precision classes coming up?

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