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Thread: WTS Speer Bullets .327 GDHP, .308 SPBT, 7mm HotCore

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    WTS Speer Bullets .327 GDHP, .308 SPBT, 7mm HotCore

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    Bought these in bulk and this is what I have left after the gun show. All have a few extra bullets. PRICES REDUCED

    .327 dia GoldDotHP, 115gr. Have 700 Now $16/100
    .308 dia SPBT, 150gr. SOLD
    7mm dia HotCore, 120gr. Have 700 Now $17/100

    Shipping for about 400 bullets in a Small Flat Rate Box is $5 and more than that in a Medium Box for $10. If I can pack more in a Small I will.

    These bullets are for sale on another site. First I'll take it time stamp is the winner. Thanks for looking.

    500 bullets of either kind or mixed $80 shipped. This is a deal.
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