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Thread: WRAL makes NC CCW permit holder information available via online search tool.

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    WRAL makes NC CCW permit holder information available via online search tool.

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    I hate for my first post here to be something of this nature, but guys, this makes me really angry.

    You can narrow down CCW holders addresses in just a few minutes if you try. Ive written WRAL, and they arent willing to remove the link.

    Please complain and do it loudly and to the right people. Ive passed this information along to the NRA and to my representatives. Please do the same. This didnt work out well for the Roanoke Times in 2007, and Id like to see the same here.

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    Is it only searching that area? I could not find my info in doing a search and don't live in that area.
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    It didn't bring up my name when I tried the search.

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    The search brought up my wife and I.
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    would you mind reposting the reply here? It sounds like something for us to pursue.
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    F this it showed me and my wife It doesn't give names but it gives streets I am not happy.

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    Didn't bring up my name or address, just street names and town when I searched under my zip code. No specific address.
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    I think it may be the WRAL viewing area. Tried different counties not in viewing area of WRAL and showed no listings.

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    It does not bring up names or house numbers, but it does bring up street names, dates of issue and dates of expiration. Live on a short street? Only one on a street? Helloooooo, target.

    No real use for anyone...except a tool for burglars to narrow down their targets. What an assumption of liability this appears to be. A resistance to removing the link means that WRAL does not care what kind of hassle they cause the law-abiding, who just happen to disagree with them...

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    Didn't find me. But still unbelievable that it would find anyone. Absolutely absurd.
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    No names when I did a search, just dates of issue on a particular street.

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    Some of you may remember 4-5 years ago some individual posted a web site that let you search the public NC CHP database. You could have your name filtered out of the database for a $20.00 fee. That site lasted a few weeks. I don't know if it was forced offline. The uproar at CSF was deafening. The information is public, but charging a fee to exclude your information from search results was their scam. I found myself in the database back then.

    I imagine this time, through WRAL, the catch is that names are not being displayed? I dunno.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Midliferally View Post
    The search brought up my wife and I.
    It bring me up too, I am the only one on my street with one.

    Also, these are the replies I received from the editor:

    Hi Matthew,
    The database is public record. Anyone can request it. We decided not to include names and street numbers, which are included in the public data.
    Take care,

    Kelly Hinchcliffe
    Investigates/Special Projects Producer
    I replied:

    Thats correct Kelly, it is public record. However, this requires a person to go to the Sheriff of their county or the NCDOJ to request the information, in person. There is a very LARGE difference in publishing even a redacted data set thats made searchable online. The Roanoke Times did this same bit in 2007, and it resulted in the data being pulled from the website, a public apology, and a bill introduced in VA to keep the records private and only able to be requested on an individual basis.

    Id respectfully request that the database link be removed, once again.
    She replies again:
    Matthew, not everyone has the know-how or time to request public records, such as this. I appreciate you taking the time to write.

    Kelly Hinchcliffe

    Investigates/Special Projects Producer

    Also, its not just the WRAL viewing area. I tried a few friends (whom I also emailed the link to). One is the solitary house on his road in Forsyth Co, his permit shows up. One in Goldsboro has numerous other CCW permit holders on his street, as in every house. One other in Durham county shows up, but about 25% of the people on his road have a permit (approximately 25 houses).

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    Sucks...........what a go WRAL. Very newsworthy.


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    I just saw this article too. I couldn't believe it. As others have pointed out, there's a big difference in taking the time/energy to go to your Sheriff's office and requesting this information, and just being able to put in a street name and zip code on a website and having any number of permit holders/gun owners pop up in the area. C'mon WRAL.

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    My wife and I came up no records found. I tried a coworker and it showed 6 permit holders on the street. No names, no street number. I don't like it, but the info is pretty limited.

    From a little googling, it looks like there WAS a site called, but it has gone defunct.

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    I have written the NRA, and my representatives. I encourage everyone to do the same. Use this if you like:

    Hi, I am writing to you because of this story:
    The local news station WRAL has decided to see fit to publish the NC CCW holders database with names and street numbers redacted. This information still allows someone to be able to narrow down the houses where CCW holders lived easily, especially if choosing a road or private drive with few houses. I believe this to be an egregious violation of our rights. The database is public, but it requires a request made in person at the local sheriff or NCDOJ where the requester information is documented. Now that information has been made public online.

    Thank you for your consideration in helping the CCW holders of NC with this issue.

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    You should probably send the same letter to Grass Roots NC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SPST View Post
    You should probably send the same letter to Grass Roots NC.
    Done, thanks.

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    Send a note back to Kelly and ask if she would want to see her street in Mebane to be displayed on a website and whether she thinks that might be a danger to her and Justin. Tell her she's got a neighbor somewhere on Frazier Ridge who's got a permit. And remind her that information being available to public online search makes every house on her street a target to criminals in search of firearms to steal.
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