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Thread: Is there a Gun Show this weekend at Concord/Cabarrus Arena (July 14-15)

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    Is there a Gun Show this weekend at Concord/Cabarrus Arena (July 14-15)

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    Is anyone going this weekend, or is this show on par with the rest of the shows lately (suck-o)?

    Later, T.J.

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    There is a show there.


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    Not one of the larger ones but worth the time if you are not far.

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    I'm going to be there at opening to see if any deals on ammo.
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    I will probably hit it Sunday. It is not usally too bad overall.

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    goin soon as i get up lookin for a barrel or reciever an charging handle

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    it was garbage as usual...everything was way over-priced and 1/4 of the vendors had non gun related stuff that was junk. Sp tired of c&e shows. The dixie needs to hurry the hell up and come back.

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