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Thread: Where to buy deer corn?

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    Where to buy deer corn?

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    I've already gone through 5 bags of Walmart's 40lb bags in two weeks, these deer are loving it!! $9 for 40lbs aint bad, but I'd rather buy it from a roller mill or a small mom and pop place. Years ago I bought it from Bethania's roller mill but they are no longer in business. Does anybody know a place around Winston to Yadkinville to get bulk deer corn?

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    TSC has 50 lb bags for 10$ and it is clean.
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    Look for farm feed stores. They sell shelled 70lb bags for right at $17 a piece. I bought 10 in Clinton.

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    Goodness just a decade a go I paid 6-7 dollars for 100lbs from the mill! Corn is high now. I could get it real cheap cobbed if I would get my lazy but out and pick it

    I have killed bigger deer not baiting lately. I haven't used much bait in the last 3-4 years since the prices went up.

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    I have just been putting out less this year. They will still be around to eat whatever you put out. I have found that small piles spread around seem to work fine, and I am not packing bags of cord around every week.

    I have a herd in my back yard every evening. Did someone say "It's Bow Time"


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    Check with some of the local farmers. I don't feed the deer, but I do buy bulk corn and oats to feed my livestock. One of the farmers near Marshville, NC sells by the barrel. Just back the truck up under the auger and fill your own barrels. He charges me $40.00 per 55gal. barrel, which is a good bit cheaper than buying by the bag at the feed store.

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    I have been putting 4 different piles out, but it is just not lasting. I went a few days between feeding and put another bag out and the next day they had eaten down to the dirt. There used to be a bunch of hunters around Lewisville, a bag of food used to last a while, but now, I'm putting out a bag on Monday morning and by Wednesday afternoon there is nothing left. Apparently i'm the only one putting out corn around here. I'm not bow hunting, so it will be a while before I can harvest anything, but again just trying to see what is hanging around.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arjppj View Post
    Apparently i'm the only one putting out corn around here.
    Sounds like no one else needs to put it out if you are. They will probably get all the deer before gun season comes in.

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