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Thread: Springfield M1 carbine value?

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    Springfield M1 carbine value?

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    Anyone guess at the value of a Springfield .30 carbine? its in "good" condition. SN# 14596##
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    How about more info.

    Are you talking a M1 carbine, one of the none military carbines or something else.

    What about pictures.

    SN does not look like a carbine SN looks more in line with a M1 Garand.

    Would really need good pictures and info on it to tell. What is "Good" in your eyes?
    What kind of wood, what shape, what about the bore, finish, other markings?
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    Roughly $400 to $4400

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    Quote Originally Posted by 613jmm View Post
    Roughly $400 to $4400
    Give or take ten bucks or so.

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    Springfield did not make any WWII M1 Carbines.

    ""The U.S. .30 caliber M1 Carbine was never manufactured at Springfield Armory. All ten companies that made the original GI carbines were contracted to do so as Springfield Armory and other government owned facilities were already committed to other projects. After eight of ten contracts were canceled in 1944 due to a surplus, Springfield Armory was selected as a repository for some of the M1 Carbine production machinery and most of the surplus parts. Plans were made for Springfield Armory to begin manufacturing 1000 M1/M2 Carbines a month starting in January 1945. For a number of reasons, this never happened."

    The current ones made by Springfield are not C&R. Since they have no historical value, they're worth what someone is willing to pay.
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    I don't think they have been made for about 10 years now. However they ARE the best commercial made receivers you can get for a carbine. Dimensions are spot on....value would be sum of the parts plus about 150 or so for the receiver.

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