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Thread: My New Toy

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    My New Toy

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    Like I said in another thread in OT that was about scoots. I was either going to buy a the new Dodge Challenger or a new 2008 Harley RK-Classic, well I made the decision, picked it up last Friday (haven't had much tme on it through as a friend/former boss died Monday and I was out of town beacause of his sickness and death most of the weekend and the first of the week)..........still may have to get the other one too though..LOL

    Here it is in 2008 Vivid Black with Reinhardt pipes added...

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    Very nice 8)

    But you gotta get the Challenger too.That thing is too sweeeeeet
    I always liked the old Mopars even though I am a GM guy at heart.

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    Nice new ride! I've got the Grandpaw of your bike setting about 15' away from me at this moment.

    1975 FLH Electra Glide


    In spite of a bad knee, busted ankles, too many years and a slowed reaction time, I'm just as fast and dangerous as I ever was.


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    Damn Nice!!! Congrats

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