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Thread: WTS/T Flintlock Fowler

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    WTS/T Flintlock Fowler

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    Want to Sell, Will consider trades. To answer questions regarding the remaining rifles. Shipping is extra. I will ship with insurance. The flintlock is very long, it will be hard to ship, I would hate to have it broken in half by the shipper, maybe best to do a face to face on it.
    I could be tempted for trades, interested in milsurp rifles mostly, but I will consider most anything. Questions, please ask. IM here and/or email me at

    Thanks for looking :shock:

    M6 Scout, made by CZ for Springfield. Excellent condition, never been shot by me, looks to have had very little use. 22 Hornet over .410. Comes with box, papers, lock. No charge for paracord. Will include a 50rd box of Hornets. Sold to BRD pro[/img]

    Tennessee Valley Muzzleloader, has never had a round of buckshot or lead down the tube. Purchased for reenacting, participated in one show, has had several "blank" shots of powder and wad thru it. Quotes are from TVM's website
    "Our Fowler is just that, an early American Fowler. It is not a copy of any particular gun, but is a dandy for upland hunting. It meets all the requirements for Trade Gun matches at rendezvous. It is built in 20 gauge only, with our special barrel. The TVM flintlock Fowler comes ready for shooting with patched round ball or birdshot. This is a very popular and dependable gun. It fits the periods from the French and Indian War to the end of the Fur Trade Era. The standard gun comes with a large Siler flintlock, single trigger, brass or steel furniture, barrel lengths of 42", and plain maple stock with upgrades of wood available."

    Price: $900.00 through TVM's website. [color=darkred]
    Last price drop, you get it for half price, $450

    Left Handed
    Plain Maple Stock
    Steel Furniture
    Upper Thimbles and Entry Thimble
    Single Trigger
    Trigger Guard
    Front Site Only

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    PM sent

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    No4 A2 Enfield in 7.62, has been converted to a "carbin

    Please explain.
    Huh! Wut?

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    Pardon my ignorance, but the Enfield is 7.62...

    Not knowing anything about older rifles, will that fire modern ammo? If so, what?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Preacher
    Pardon my ignorance, but the Enfield is 7.62...

    Not knowing anything about older rifles, will that fire modern ammo? If so, what?
    Enfield A2s where made in India after WWII in 7.62x51 Nato. Think it was the Isaphore Factory.

    I had one that was cut down and modified to resemble the Jungle Carbine. It was so light that the kitty factor kicked in pretty quick. Sold it cause it wasn't fun to shoot being so light. I have shot a full size one and it is much more pleasurable to shoot.

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    Enfield in in 7.62x51 NATO

    Some call that .308, so yes, it is the Nato caliber

    Anyone else want to add some commentary, maybe it will help sell something else???

    All pm's and emails responded to, thanks for the interest guys.

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    Email sent regarding Enfield.

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    thanks for looking 8)

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    Last Bump

    I am planning on going to the Raleigh show.

    thanks for looking

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    had a savage 303 enfield and an isaphore 308. Both were very excellent shooters, The sights on the isaphore i like alot better than my 303. They were made in perdominantly in the 60s. Great great rifle, same reliable action, never had a single issue out of it. -AVOID indian & pakistan 308- don't go near it, it shoots hot, worse than the turkish 8mm stuff.

    Have you sold it yet? I live way out in the mountains.

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    last go round

    Sold the Enfield, still got some other stuff.

    Anyone interested in a trade?

    thanks for looking


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    Swiss rifle SPF

    Swiss rifle is sold pending funds, to budliteguy

    thanks for looking


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    M6 Scout and Flintlock

    Thanks all, for taking me up on what I have had to offer. I appreciate the deals we have made.

    I still have the Scout and the flintlock up for grabs.

    Thanks for looking


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    Concerning the fowler: It appears it is a lefty. Is this correct?

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    last but not least

    Any lefties out there :?:

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