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Thread: WTT 22lr Luger

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    WTT 22lr Luger

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    This is a Stoeger made Luger in 22lr. It comes with one magazine and a pistol case. Functions well with Stingers and other high velocity ammo, but be warned, generally doesn't like the cheap low velocity stuff. It needs some force to blow the toggle back.
    In overall good shape save for some light rust on the end of the barrel. Looks like holster wear, and has been there since I got it. I've been meaning to reblue the barrel, but just never got around to it.
    I figure value at about $250 give or take.

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    Interested in trades for milsurp stuff, especially any of these:

    Swedish Mauser/sporterized (if well done)/KBI sporter etc.
    T/C Encore barrels in 30-06, 308, 243,
    T/C Encore pistol stock

    But open to other offers, you might have something I didn't know I wanted. Will add cash if needed on the right trade.

    FTF only, buyer needs a pistol permit or CCW and will sign a simple bill of sale.

    Questions or wanting more pics, just ask.
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    PM sent.
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