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Thread: Armalite ar15 6.8 spc 2

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    Armalite ar15 6.8 spc 2

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    I am thinking of switching over to 5.56. This is my armalite 6.8 all factory gun. The front site has been changed to a folding site, comes with 30 rd Barrett magazine and the factory 10 rd mag. Also have 70 rds of ammo. Previous owner shot it around 30 rounds and I have not shot it yet. I am looking to trade for a factory 5.56 (prefer a colt 6920 in like shape). Click image for larger version. 

Name:	ImageUploadedByTapatalk1355580446.597456.jpg 
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ID:	34276 I am in Monroe nc and would prefer ftf around this area thanks.

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    How much cash?

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    I just traded into one at the Raleigh show sorry offer withdrawn
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    TTT added a single point sling mount, might just end up keeping this

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    How much?

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    Only looking to trade right now for something in 5.56

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    interested in a Armalite in 5.56,pretty much like yours except some add ons ?

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    Armalite ar15 6.8 spc 2

    Maybe can you send some pics and tell me more about it?

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    Armalite ar15 6.8 spc 2


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