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Thread: 223 varmint bullets

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    223 varmint bullets

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    I've developed a load my rifle likes and want to duplicate it with a varmint type bullet instead of the FMJ. I know all manufactures make a 55 gn Varmint bullet. My question is:
    Does anyone have any experience with a particular brand that will readily fragment on impact and thus maximize the effect on target while minimizing the chance of ricochet?
    My targets will be crows, foxes and a coyote if I can catch sight of it again. I would like to see the crows 'explode' when I hit them.

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    Hornady Super Explosive, just don't push them past 3400fps or they might not make it to the crows :shock:

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    I have had very good luck with 55 grain Hornady V-max for my 22-250 but all I have ever shot was groundhogs and it did a lot of damage.
    I have also used Sierra Blitzkings in 32 and 39 grain for a 204 Ruger that had similar results.
    Have not tried the SPSX from Hornady but I do have two boxes on the bench awaiting testing.I have read on other forums about them turning to shrapnel if you push them too fast due to thin jackets(but that's what makes the pink mist).

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    Hornady SPSX's in 50 or 55gr and Sierra's in 50gr will do well for you.

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    I used the Hornady V-Max to empty out a groundhog with great results. If you really want to make that crow explode, look into the Varmint Grenade from Barnes.

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