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    Sar k2p

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    Anyone seen or handled one if these pistols? They look like a CZ clone. Just a few reviews online but all were positive.


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    Anybody? Bueller?

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    You could try searching the CZ Forum in the Clone Club section:

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    Alrighty Paul, I told you I would let you know something as soon as I fired it. Only shot about 30 rounds so this isn't entirely a full report, however, I loved the hell out of it. As I am just getting into firing handguns I wouldn't have personally thought I could even group well. I was wrong. After a little bit of sight adjustment and figuring out exactly where the sight picture needed to be, I was pretty easily able to achieve a silver dollar sized grouping. The only time I have previously fired a handgun was a Sig 229 and that was just getting the feel of a 9mm. There were no feed issues and I felt that (as I am a rather inexperienced shooter) it was rather accurate. Take it as you will coming from someone with little to no handgun experience, but it is -in my opinion- a pretty damn good handgun (especially considering the low price point). Hope that was at least somewhat helpful and if you have any questions that I didn't touch on feel free to ask.

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    10-4 Chris thanks for the report! I think that made up my mind for me. Were you able to buy extra mags when you purchased the pistol?


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    Negative, Carolina Gunrunners can't even get them from their supplier, the mags have to be ordered from the manufacturer. Btw if you didn't see it is a 17+1 mag, but only one.

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    Sar k2p

    Hopefully I can find mags at the gun show. I am not counting on it, just hopeful...

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    The magazines are available directly from EAA in Rockledge, FL. It's on their website under part #170818. Unfortunately, they're pretty steep at $36 each and $10 shipping. I bought an extra from them, since I wanted to make sure I had a replacement in case of the magazine ban going through. Note that it won't seat in the gun with the 17th round inserted, even though it appears identical to the original. I have to contact them tomorrow to work it out. We'll see how it goes.

    Like the other fellow on here, I had to adjust the sights out of the box. Other than that, I has fired flawlessly. The grip is very comfortable. Does anyone who has one of these also have a Tanfoglio Witness P? I'm curious if the slides are interchangeable. The upper portion of the frames look identical.

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    @ Ashley..

    Did you get the magazine issue straightened with EAA? I just ordered a K2P from Buds and wanted to purchase a few more 17 round mags but the website only lists the 16 round mags... part #170818.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sawm249 View Post
    @ Ashley..

    Did you get the magazine issue straightened with EAA? I just ordered a K2P from Buds and wanted to purchase a few more 17 round mags but the website only lists the 16 round mags... part #170818.
    That is the correct part number. As you noted, it is only 16 rounds. When I bought it, it was listed at 17 like the included magazine. However, upon receipt, it was apparent loading the 17th round was significantly more difficult. Don't try to force it. I grooved the follower with the rim of the cartridge thinking it was just a stiff spring. When I contacted them and explained the situation, they told me their site was wrong and it was a 16 round magazine. They offered a replacement or refund. For whatever reason, there is no 17 round magazine in the aftermarket. I guess it's possible that there is some variation in the 17 round magazines from quality control or something. Maybe EAA lowered it to 16 due to legal concerns and you may or may not get one that holds the 17? That's the only explanation I can come up with. Everything about its operation is smoother than my Ruger P95, from the trigger to the hammer.

    There's some reviews on Bud's now, and a couple mention a 16 round capacity, even in their stock magazine. One of the guys says it handles all his CZ magazines, so I may have to give that a try at the local shop. CZ magazines are much cheaper.
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    Ashley, thanks for getting back to me. Wow. Sounds like a hassle. Mine was shipped from Bud's with one 15 round mag. After reading your post I decided to go with a couple CZ Mec-gar 19 round mags. I found em for $32 at Greg Cote, LLC- they usually sell for $40-50. I'll let ya know know how they run when I get out to the range.

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    Let me first say. I love this pistol. Best bargain I've got in years. No jams on initial tests- put 200 rounds of standard ball thru it. When I get my reloading press set up- I'll test different bullets types.

    Definitely buy the Mec-gar magazines. They are cheaper and better made than the OEM Sarsilmaz mags. Make sure they are the CZ 75b SP-01 mags.

    If you're looking for a good holster- you can buy Mold Your Own Kydex kits from Old Faithful Holsters. You only have to be a little handy to assemble them and there are step by step tutorial videos you can follow.

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    I would like to add my 2 cents to this. This is my first post here and this is also my first pistol. I absolutely love it so far. I have not had one FTF or FTE, not one problem out of the gun at all. I have put about 5-600 rounds so far including some TULammo steel cased. My sights were a little off out of the box, I had to go 1 click up and 2 clicks left. I have no gripes about the gun, but finding a decent holster is hard. Once I get my CCW permit I think i will go with the mold your own kydex as stated above. I got mine from a pawn shop that sells a lot of new guns for $379 which I think was a decent price.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flipapotimus View Post
    This is my first post here and this is also my first pistol.
    Welcome to CSC!
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    I've been looking into these after I saw GSRswapped and some others talking about the EAA pistols. I'm thinking about making one my next purchase.

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    I too am considering one of these. Went to my LGS today. They had both the K2p and the full size B6P. I went there to buy the bigger B6P, but actually liked the feel of the smaller K2. It also had the better adjustable sights.
    I went prepared to see how the magazines would work as I already have a CZ75B SA. Here is what I found in the K6P:
    MecGar CZ75 all metal mags: Seem to fit, but would not quite lock in
    Witness TZ75 mag: Fit and locked OK. Very small gap at the mag base.

    In looking at the mag release slots in the TZ75 mag I see that they are slightly larger, so the additional "play" allowed them to fit. Side by side with the SAR mags, everything else looked the same. Cant comment yet on how they feed however.

    Now I have to go back and buy the K2P .....

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    I was wondering if there is a way to switch out the front sights on the K2p? It looks as if there is a set screw in the sight but I can't really tell if comes out. Anyways I wanted to also say that I am loving the site and I've just been lurking and reading a lot of threads.
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    Just read all these posts. Notice most are a year old or more. I love my K2P! Have put 2-300 rounds through it with no FTF or FTE. Only comment I have, being left handed...I had a bit of a problem with using the CZ75B Mecgar mags with it..seems they don't lock in quite as snug as the factory mag...recoil caused my trigger finger to brush the mag release couple of times, partial ejecting these mags, but not the factory, I have had the release switched over to the right side of the gun to see if that will solve that little glitch...just got it back from gun smith this afternoon and will try it out as soon as I can get to the range. Also, wondering if Flipapotimus or anyone else ever found out any further information on switching out the sights on this. I would like to try some fiber optic sights, if any are available for it.

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    Never figured out anything else about the sights, I have however put at least 1000 rounds through my k2p and have still not had any type of failure. For those mec gar mags there is another thread on here about them ; I had to sand the top of the base plate down a little for a easy lock in. I also just started reloading and have put 20 of my own reloads through the be k2p.

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