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Thread: Cabelas coming to Greenville, SC

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    Cabelas coming to Greenville, SC

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    We are in desperate need of a place like Cabela's around here! Opening spring '14.
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    Re: Cabelas coming to Greenville, SC


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    uh oh,hide the debit card,they know SC has there back.

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    Heard that on the way home today. Great news.

    Hopefully, Charlotte will be next?

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    all I can say is we are past due for a decent store such as Cabelas... there has been talk of BPS coming to the area as well

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    thank god they are creeping this way........ now if they would put one at the intersection of I-40/I-95 that would give a lot of us a 2 hr drive
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    That is awesome! I had planning to try and go to West Virginia.

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    Just heard this yesterday, Looking forward to it.

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    Cabelas coming to Greenville, SC

    Can I order some backordered .223 now and hope for in store pick up in 2014 sometime?

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    We'll trade Academy Sports in Hickory,NC for a Cabelas anytime of the day. Or hell, just give us both!

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