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Thread: WTS 44 Remington Magnum Ammo

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    WTS 44 Remington Magnum Ammo

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    For Sale 44 REM MAG ammo, 1 box of 50 Winchester 240 gr. hollow soft point/ code X44MHSP5 @ $35.00, 1 box of 20 Winchester Platinum Tip 250 gr. PTHP/ code S44PTHP @ $25.00. This is new ammo and not reloaded, will sell or trade for new .223 ammo but I don't shoot junk ammo in my weapons. If you have a interest please let me know.....

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    deal. ill take the both, the 50 winchester 240gr hollow soft point's box and the one box (or however many you got) of the 44 magnum winchester pthp. please email me or post message you got it. Sorry i am new to these forums and had an account while trying to find it so just tell me how you would like to be paid and it's a sure deal, i wouldn't waste your time.

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