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Thread: Who is the "Evian Group"?

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    Who is the "Evian Group"?

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    Did DHS award an ammo contract to a shell company set up five days before the ammo solicitation? It sure as hell looks like it.

    Despite the fact that FLETC orders more ammunition that a human could possible expend in a lifetime.

    And to be quite frank, these solicitations are very tiresome because we ask questions and no one seems to have any answers.

    But once in a while you just fall onto a nugget that makes this task seem less Sisyphean and more of a worthy calling.

    In reviewing the award granted to the “winner” of this contract, I see that the American Taxpayer is again, the loser. We’ll add up the tally later.

    The winner of this contract is Evian Group, Inc. located at 105 South Eastern Ave, Las Vegas Nevada.

    It seems that the Evian Group was formed on December 12, 2012, just 5 days before the announcement of the solicitation:

    But wait, there’s more!

    The contract for 200,000 rounds was $45,758, which boils down to about $0.21 per round. And, to be quiet honest, that a really good price. As in, unheard of good price. So two websites were used for comparison. You’ll see that the price was less than half of what the other guys are charging.

    The address provided to DHS and the Secretary of State is 105 S Eastern Avenue. Let’s use the NSA’s golden child, Google, to take a look what’s there:

    What you see is the street corner of East Fremont Street and the intersection of North Eastern Avenue and South Eastern Avenue. On the opposite side of the street is an ARCO gas station.

    Does anyone see a business capable of providing 200,000 rounds of jacketed hollow point rounds to the Federal Government? There’s not even a MailBoxes Etc to accept mail! 105 S Eastern Avenue looks like the parking lot for a bodega.

    The listed principals, Grace Hodge and Larayne Whitehead, are director and president respectively. Nowhere can they be found attached to Evian Group, Inc, which is unusual, as the whole purpose of running a business is to create a steady stream of revenue. They cannot be found on LinkedIn, where people network to get more business, or even in Google as a website. is parked by for a future site, and Bravenet is hosting

    Furthermore, no property or telephone records exist for the principals. The people do not seem to exist.

    In reviewing the DUNS (Dun and Bradstreet) record, when the telephone number was called, it was not a business line, but a rather unusual phrase was used, “…[P]lease download line 2”.

    So the question of the moment is this: Is this a payoff to a mobster or someone of less-than-honest intent? Or is this graft for Harry Reid, the incumbent Senator for Nevada?

    But, as usual, the truth will stay hidden because the government is not “for the people”, but against the people. Not “of the people” but of special interests. And it is certainly not “by the people”, because we know the difference from right and wrong. And as long as evil stays in power, the Nation, once mighty, will pass into the annals of history as a mere footnote.


    While the Obama administration sets out to eviscerate the gun rights of American citizens in the aftermath of Sandy Hook, earlier this week it was announced that the Department of Homeland Security has awarded a company a contract worth over $45,000 dollars to provide the DHS with 200,000 more rounds of bullets.

    This new purchase adds to the staggering figure of 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition already secured by the DHS over the last 9 months alone.
    A solicitation originally posted on the website on December 17 on behalf of the DHS Federal Law Enforcement Training Center advertised the need for 200 cases of 13–40 Cal, 180 Grain, Jacketed Hollow Point bullets, with each case containing 1000 rounds, to be delivered almost immediately as soon as the contract is awarded.

    The bullets are to be delivered to a training site in North Charleston, South Carolina, which “specializes in Maritime Law Enforcement and Port Security Training. Basic and advanced training programs are conducted in concert with the U.S. Coast Guard Maritime Law Enforcement Academy, the U.S. Courts Probation and Pretrial Services Training Academy, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Training Academy, the Customs and Border Protection Field Operations Academy, and the Naval Criminal Investigative Service.”
    The winner of the contract to provide the DHS with the ammunition, announced on January 2, was Evian Group Inc., an organization that was formed just five days before the announcement of the solicitation.
    As James Smith documents, Evian Group seems to be little more than a front organization and doesn’t appear to have any real business assets, a genuine physical address, a website, or even a phone number.
    Back in August, the Department of Homeland Security censored information relating to the amount of bullets purchased by the DHS on behalf of Immigration & Customs Enforcement, citing an “unusual and compelling urgency” to acquire the bullets, noting that there is a shortage of bullets which is threatening a situation that could cause “substantial safety issues for the government” should law enforcement officials not be adequately armed.
    The information was blacked out despite the fact that documents are only supposed to be redacted if authorized by Congress or for national security reasons.
    The contradiction of the Obama administration preaching gun control while simultaneously the federal government arms itself to the teeth with an arsenal that would be enough to wage a full scale 7 year ground war is jaw-dropping.
    As Mike Adams highlights, “A citizen is considered to be a stockpiling “terrorist” prepper if they own just 1,000 rounds of ammo. The government, however, can purchase billions and the mainstream media doesn’t even question it.”
    “Where is all this ammunition going? It’s being stockpiled by the federal government, awaiting some future event during which it will apparently be “activated.” Why else would you stockpile something if you don’t anticipate needing to use it someday?”
    “During all this, Obama and his cohorts in Washington are loudly insisting that American citizens have no right to purchase firearms or ammunition, and that new laws will soon be enacted to make sure you cannot do what the government does: stockpile weapons and ammo.”
    Indeed, the double standard is staggering and while Americans are being raided for stockpiling “arsenals” of weapons that subsequently turn out to be no more than a few guns, the federal government is simultaneously building a very real and substantial arsenal while the mainstream media turns a blind eye.
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    Quite interesting... nice find, thanks for sharing!

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    Evian is Naive spelled backwards. Just sayin'.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WNC Seabee View Post
    Evian is Naive spelled backwards. Just sayin'.
    Damn. I bet Evian is some 15 year old kid.
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    And he will be here in 4...3...2...1....
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    Who is the "Evian Group"?

    ..."I can't believe y'all have nothing to do except think there is some government conspiracy. I assure you, there isn't one...I work there...they would have told me."
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    Well actually there is one Larayne Whitehead in the US and she or he lives right here in Waxhaw NC. He or she is also associated with the what looks to be defunct Global Synergy Group with offices on Providence rd in Charlotte. Listed as small arms manufacturer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Winchester View Post
    Well actually there is one Larayne Whitehead in the US and she or he lives right here in Waxhaw NC. He or she is also associated with the what looks to be defunct Global Synergy Group with offices on Providence rd in Charlotte. Listed as small arms manufacturer.

    Half the .40 S&W they had in at my local Walmart this morning was what the lady called "generic". Looked the same but the box and labeling was completely unique. Could a place like this Larayne Whitehead be where it's coming from? Not specifically, but some place similar?

    Edited down to relevent content: I should quit thinking like a paper back novel and get my ass back to work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by B00GER View Post
    ..."I can't believe y'all have nothing to do except think there is some government conspiracy. I assure you, there isn't one...I work there...they would have told me."
    Must be busy elsewhere spreading the party line.
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