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Thread: Devils Ride - Fake

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    Devils Ride - Fake

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    Those bunch of goobers need to get a real hobby. That fake rumble where the cop just said break it up was ridiculous.

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    Re: Devils Ride - Fake

    Yep, just more tv entertainment.

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    just down right terrible
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    Please say that you knew that already........ name something on TV that is REAL......
    I finally thought of something but before I could write it here I forgot it......

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    I didn't realize that show made it past it's 1st few lame ass episodes...
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    Dang Winchester next thing ya know your gonna tell me wrestling is fake too. It isn't is it? LOL

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    I watched the first few episodes and got sick of it all
    It was apparent that it was fake early on
    They would get in fights yet nothing really happened at all
    I saw one episode where the guy who started it leaves and starts his own group and goes to the old groups clubhouse and is bashing stuff with a bat. And they did NOTHING.
    Come on, 1% that just let their clubhouse get destroyed?

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    ex wrasslin producers made that show, so ima gonna whoop U for sayin it's fake!

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    Just another "reality" show for the wannabe pirate biker crowd.

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    1% M/Cs would never allow cameras. Fake & bake, instant-asshole-just-add-Harley types love 'em, but no real 1% crew would be caught dead doing that.
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    so I am home and a new episode is on, so its on in the background
    what happened to the main guy that was on the new club? He want too much money this season LOL
    and that fight...WOW, real hardasses!

    This show blows.
    No, its quite much to laugh at!

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    It is a funny as show! The show reminds last summer, my date and I are at Mack's on S. Blvd, this asshole pulls up on a nice custom chopper, with sons of anarchy colors like he was a member. Full back patch, rocker and all! Kinda guy that has seen to many shows like Devils ride. Oh ya he walks outside tp smoke a cigar drinking red!

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    [QUOTE=Bailey Boat;1052133 name something on TV that is REAL......[/QUOTE]

    Very true however Combat Rescue is quite good.

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    I am very disappointed with television in general.

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