$250 OBO

I have for sale a very clean Wards Western Field Model 38, which was an offering from Wards in the low priced target rifle market in 1935. Until now, I thought the rifle was put together by a past owner having various Mossberg parts, such as a target stock, rear and front target sights, and a very nice trigger. But now I recently find a Model 38 for sale on Gunbroker, a YouTube video on another Model 38, and a few other hits on other Model 38ís. I do see variations of sighting systems, but the rifle itself is the same.

Damguy featured my rifle on his site (Visitors Gallery) and at that time we were under the assumption that what I had was a custom target rifle based on a Mossberg Model 21.

Wards Western Field Model 38, cross references over to a Mossberg Model 21, this is an interesting rifle, it appears to have a Model 14 stock, whether the original owner changed it or this was factory from Mossberg I have no idea, front sight seems to be a No 1A reversed with the blade removed and a 17A mounted to it. Very nice custom target rifle. Anyone has a 1935 Wards Catalog, would like to see a photo of this rifle if it's available.
Based on the few other examples I have seen so far, the upgrades on this rifle are-

Mossberg No. 3 Peep site, with extra aperture disc. These can go for around $100 at auctions.
Custom Lyman No 1A front sight. It can be reversed, but the way you see it is how I received it.

Rifle functions perfectly and is quite accurate.

Please ask if you have any questions.

I prefer FTF in NC near Raleigh, but I am prepared to ship this rifle within the lower 48.