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Thread: Powder for .270/.30-06

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    Powder for .270/.30-06

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    I'm slowly putting together the equipment needed to reload rifle ammo in these two calibers. What powders do ya'll recommend that will work well in both calibers?

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    I use Hogdon 4350 in my .270 and I am very pleased with it
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    Thanks.... that was one of the ones I was interested in trying. I have an itch to load some 110gr Accubonds or some TTSX's. Anyone have any experience with them in the .270?

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    I use 130gr Sst's with 54gr of that powder behind em. Very accurate outta my deer rifle
    "The road to hell is paved with the best of intentions"

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    What kind of velocity are you getting with that load? What primers?

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    Check out the info at

    You can get powder charge data for Hodgdon, IMR, and Winchester powders.

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    tons of data, pet loads, and opinions available online for .270 and .30-06. you're talking about two of the most popular, if not the top two, deer cartridges in america.

    4895, 4350, 4831, 4064, Varget, the list goes on and on.

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    4831sc. i have had really good luck with 59gr pushing 130 grain bergers out of a 270.

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    Thanks for the responses.... Joker did you use the Berger on deer?

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    i did. i use the berger hunting vld's in every gun i hunt with now. they made a believer out of me. It took a little while to find the sweet spot with the seating depth and powder charge tho.

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    last deer i shot this year was a 8pt 18 inch wide buck. He had a pretty good size body. i shot him in the chest ( he was facing me) and the bullet had deep penetration. the bullet broke into pieces and looked like a bomb went off. if you are looking for something that will keep you from destroying meat then i would stay away from the bergers but 99 percent of my shots are side shots in the shoulder and the shoulders are aways tore up anyways

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    How do they perform at close range? Do they pass thru or blow up?

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    that 8pt in my last post was around 70 yards and it blew up

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    Give Reloader 22 a try. Great powder for that size case.

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    Anyone have experience with reloader 19? I saw some on the shelf of an lgs and found some loads in my manual for .270. Just curious about others experience.

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    +1 for NeuseRvrRat's post....all are an excellent choice of powder..capped with a Nosler 130 gr partition

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