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Thread: Dillon 550B with lots of extras!!!!!

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    Dillon 550B with lots of extras!!!!!

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    I have a Dillon 550B with strong mount for sale.
    Dies- Redmond 40, RCBS 357/38, Lyman 45 ACP
    Conversion kits- 40, 45 ACP
    Extra tool head
    Primers- 1000 large pistol, 1000 small rifle, 500 small pistol, 400 magnum small pistol
    Brass- 5 lb 45 ACP, 7-8 lb 40
    Projectiles- lead 45 ACP about 500, fmj 40 about 400
    Powder- 1 lb Power Pistol sealed and part of a second.
    Primer flipper
    Lyman reloading handbook 49th edition
    Dillon tool, powder and primer slide.
    In working condition. I just have not used it in a few years and am tired of it sitting in the garage. I tried to price it fair $650 picked up in King or Winston Salem NC. I will ship it but that would cost more and you would not get the powder or primers. I want to sell it all together.
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    I'll take me with details

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    Quote Originally Posted by toennee View Post
    SPF sunday
    If the buyer balks or cant purchase, I'll take it.

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