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Thread: Corn cob media.. What a PITA

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    Corn cob media.. What a PITA

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    So I've been reloading for a very short while, and tumbling all my cases in a vibratory tumbler with corn cob media. My problem is.. The media is small enough to get into the cases of my .223, .308, and .300 BLK brass, but large enough to be a HUGE PITA to get out. Anyone know of a smaller corn cob or other media to help this? Even smaller crushed corn cob? I'm thinking of switching to plastic media which I heard works well, but boy it's expensive!

    And before anyone chimes in to use stainless media tumbled wet.. It's on the agenda, but not in the budget just yet.
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    I was having a similar problem, so.....

    I started tumbling BEFORE de-priming and after tumbling, I use a deep bucket (horse bucket from tractor supply) and a blow gun nozzle on the air hose to stir and blow the media out.

    Other than the primer pockets being a little dingy, no more problems.

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    Use walnut,quit popcorn a long time ago for that reason. So fine it pours out like sand. Cleans faster too, not quite shiny though. It will get stuck in flash hole though.

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    Any idea where to pick up walnut locally?
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    petco or petsmart, look for Lizard Litter only a couple of bucks for a 15 pound bag
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    The corncob I bought from Granger is OK but the fine walnut I got at Harbor freight is much better. Use cut up dryer sheets and a cap full of nufinish and both medias clean much faster and cleaner.

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    I like to use walnut media for the cleaning & corn cob for the polishing if I want it super shiny. The dryer sheets keep the dust build up down & the nufinish makes it shine quicker.

    I never remove the old primers first... too much trouble. If I were to go the stainless route I would remove spent primers for sure.

    Don't mix different calibers in about nightmare!

    Here's the walnut I use.
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    Thanks guys!
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    Another vote for walnut here. Picked up a big bag at petsmart that will last me a while.
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    I use corn cob from Lyman and never had an issue.

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    After I wore my original tumbler out I got this Frankford Arsenal one from Midway. May be cheaper elsewhere but it was on sale at the time. Anyway, that separator gadget on top of the bucket shakes all the loose junk out. I use corn cob and NuFinish car polish. Shiny as they can be in a few hours. If you don't have or can't find something similar for pretty cheap, I thought of making one with a couple strainers and some dowel rod. Just an idea. Also I used to have a problem with the finer walnut getting stuck in flash holes. Adding another step wasn't very helpful.
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    I use a wire basket purchased at a dollar store.
    shake up and down then roll on it side 99.9% comes out. I use corn cob media. I leave primers in. No problems at all. Minnow basket would do the same thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phat Phydeaux View Post
    The corncob I bought from Granger is OK but the fine walnut I got at Harbor freight is much better. Use cut up dryer sheets and a cap full of nufinish and both medias clean much faster and cleaner.
    I'll give a big +1 here! The HF Walnut is cheap and works great. Add the Nufinish to it, and you get shells that look new in about 2 hours. Go easy on the Nufinish (a cap full at the most) or you'll be washing it out of your cases.

    As for getting the media off. I use a Franklin separator. I pour the contents of the tumbler in, crank that bad boy up to about 200 RPM, and when the media stops flying off, it's done!
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    I use walnut to clean brass and it works for me. Use the dryer sheets and Nufinish too.

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