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Thread: Pineville Gun Shop closing down

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    Pineville Gun Shop closing down

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    The Pineville Gun Shop is shutting down - there is a sign posted stating the inventory will be sold at auction in Lincolnton. I could not stop to get more detail, sorry.
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    Sad. This happened the last time there was a shortage of guns and ammo..... shops closed because they had nothing to sell.
    The home page showed 27 views on the day I joined the forum. It will be interesting to see how fast and how big the forum will grow.

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    I've seen a couple of shops lately that have less handguns on the shelf than I have in my house. They did have more rifles.

    But I imagine some of this is the WalMart syndrome and big box stores. Recent openings around metro Charlotte of Academy and Gander (multiple stores).

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    Yeah, it's sad. I knew Sam for many, many years and I remember the day he told me he was stopping chemo. He didn't last the year, but he did it on his terms and it was right for him. He did a final tour around the country visiting friends and family. As he was leaving one relative, the relative said, "When are you coming back again?" He said, "I'm not."
    His family took over the business and really started growing it. Then this mess started. When I last went in there, they didn't have anything to sell and could get anything to sell. I knew they wouldn't last long.

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