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Thread: Cheap place to get crushed walnut and corn cob for the tumbler

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    Cheap place to get crushed walnut and corn cob for the tumbler

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    Where is the cheapest place to get crushed walnut and corn cob for cleaning brass in my tumbler?

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    I bought corn cob from Tractor Supply;found it in the section with pet bedding,I think.The crushed walnut I use came from Pet Smart;they sell it as lizard bedding.

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    Petsmart does sell big ol bags for pretty cheap.
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    I bought mine from Wideners. But it s just an hour and a half drive for me to get there...
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    I got a box of crushed walnut from Harbor Freight in Greenville.

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    +1 for lizard bedding (walnut). I buy at Tractor Supply or Petsmart.

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    +1 for Harbor Freight walnut media.

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    Southern States for corn cob. Fifty pounds was real cheap.
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    Got a ten pound bag of walnut reptile bedding at Petsmart nearly two years ago and it is still going strong. With that sort of life, don't worry too much over price (although it was not expensive at the pet store). Just be sure you get 100% walnut shells without additives. Some bags contain eucalyptus or other "odor killers", which you do not need on/in your cases.

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    I use the lizard bedding. I had a bunch left over when my lizard died. Don't recall what I paid.

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