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Thread: It's official: Ruger is coming to NC

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    Oh for Christ's sake... Now Snal will be INSUFFERABLE!!!

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    Loving my 22/45 even more now!

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    great stuff, very happy to have them, Welcome Ruger!
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    I wonder what models will be stamped with NC on them?

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    Also, I wonder if that means we will be able to get some PR stuff from them for shoots and stuff...

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    Awesome news! I'm not really a Ruger guy despite owning (and really liking) a LCP and 10/22, but this is great news for our state.

    Wait... aren't some folks still pissed with them for their AWB cave in '94?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 613jmm View Post
    I'll be impressed if they are paying more than $8 to $10 an hour to fill their new job positions.
    All those unemployed former textile workers will be glad to see employment if they can get it. That, or work part time at Food Lion.

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    I will be first in line to buy anything stamped with Made in Mayodan, NC!!! Time to dust off the resume, I would be happy just to be able to say, "I interviewed with Ruger".
    Rockingham County, NC

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    Quote Originally Posted by mekender View Post
    Oh for Christ's sake... Now Snal will be INSUFFERABLE!!!
    I resemble that remark!
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    I wonder how Sheriff Page from Rockingham County feels about the political side of things? I ask because, him being the sheriff in Rockingham County and pretty conservative, he won't respond to my questions about the puchase permit program and HB 937 and he is on the Executive Committee of the North Carolina Sheriffs' Association. This is good for his county and the people of NC for Ruger to come to Rockingham County, but it makes me think about the people of the county and whether they would support a sheriff that is on a committee of such an organization that has decided to make such a political stand with a large gun manufacturer coming in. The two may not even be related.

    Anyone here from Rockingham County and know where Sheriff Page stands?

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    My dad has always been a Ruger man. Made him happy to know they were coming to NC
    "The road to hell is paved with the best of intentions"

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    This is fantastic news. Hopefully many other gun companies will see this and follow Ruger to NC.

    Fortune flavors the bold.
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    A gentleman by the name of Graham Pervier is head of economic development for Rockingham County and he is pro-gun and a customer and frequent visitor in my shop. Everyone involved in convincing Ruger to come is to be applauded, as I'm sure it took some aggressive measures to get them here over the other locations they were looking at. I'm guessing that in the near future there are gonna be one or two more announcements about new opportunities in Rockingham County. I've always been a Ruger fan and this cements the deal. Ruger has accomplished so much in the last few years without any help from the LEO market.

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    this is great news to hear for multiple reasons
    a) a good company coming to NC
    b) a good company coming to NC and offering jobs to our citizens, helping to build our economy back
    c) easy to take a factory tour

    to the more knowledgeable on the subject - do gun companies build all of their weapons (full line) out of each facility, or usually have facility A for products 1, 2, and 3, with facility B for products 4, 5, and 6 etc
    What Im wondering is if, like vehicles and other products, if they will concentrate on only one thing or will have full line production in NC

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    I see this as another reason for HB937 to pass.
    "A woman who demands further gun control legislation is like a chicken who roots for Colonel Sanders."
    - Larry Elder

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    My coffee and I are ready

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    This is the great news. I will need to expand my ruger collection to show my support of their decision.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GENERLEE View Post
    Loving my 22/45 even more now!
    I hear its a good shooter

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    Quote Originally Posted by Longarm4146 View Post
    Everyone involved in convincing Ruger to come is to be applauded, as I'm sure it took some aggressive measures to get them here over the other locations they were looking at.

    Actually I believe the reason they selected Mayodan was the isolation of the property for security concerns, the space available and the fact it has a wastewater treatment capability on site. I'm not sure why that last one was important, but I was told it was.
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