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Thread: AR-15 Side Charging Handle, Drop-In No Gunsmithing Required

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    AR-15 Side Charging Handle, Drop-In No Gunsmithing Required

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    I have been working on this design for over a year, developing and testing different designs and alloys.

    It is a no gun smithing required upgrade for the ar-15, it fixes the design flaw of the original charging handle, allowing the operator to maintain his main hand grip on the fire control, while his off hand pulls the side charger back and engages the bolt lock.

    The body of the side charger is machined from billet 7075 with a heat treat, it is extremely durable, and VERY rigid, which is important to avoid flex or torque.

    The internal parts are made from steel.

    The finish is anodized black, with the GFG logo cnc engraved.

    Most optics will fit without issue, if there is a clearance issue, a 10$ 1/4 riser on the optic rail will fix it.

    I have charged the first part from this prototype run over a thousand times, the only wear has been anodizing beginning to fade on the right side of the charger where it sits inside the weapon.

    These come with a 5 year warranty, if it breaks send it back for a new one, no questions asked.

    The price is 149.00


    Dealer prices are available, a minimum order of 5 side chargers qualifies for 33% off list.

    Dealer 5 Pack


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    Looks interesting. Do you have a website?
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    Do you plan to make a lower profile so you won't have to use a raiser with Eotec?
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    ar10 model? i like the design.

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    How does one purchase this item?
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    Definitely like one for a dpms 308

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    Purchase links added.

    If these do well I will definitely release a dpms 308 AR10 version.

    No, unfortunately a lower profile is not possible, you will have to use a riser with an eotech, 1/4" risers are available on amazon and ebay for around 10.00

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    This is high speed low drag my friend!!!! 10-8 for sure!!

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    Any chance we can get a group buy together for some of these?

    I'd be in for one if we could get 4 other takers.

    I'll offer to order the 5 pack, distribute accordingly if we get enough takers. I've requested authorization from the supreme high council so as not to get slapped on the hands for any transgressions... (PM'd the mods for an ok)
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    Quote Originally Posted by spuddicus View Post
    Any chance we can get a group buy together for some of these?

    I'd be in for one if we could get 4 other takers.
    Hey Spuddicus, I'd go in with you on a group buy. PM sent to you.
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    that is very very cool

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    I'd be in on the group buy. Just let me know if you guys get it together.
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    That's a proverb.

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    That's 4 committed so far:
    Slacker, Chambered, JLPskydive and myself.

    1 more and we can work out logistics.

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    what the heck count me in.

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    Ok that's 5, unless GFGear wants to make a special exception I'm gonna close down my offer of splitting. Messages sent to interested parties, lets get these ordered and start abusing them

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    I would like to see slow motion video of this in a drop test. That is a looong arm hanging out there.

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    ar side bolt handle

    I just ordered one off your link.

    Scott D
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    I wonder if these work with billet uppers or DPMS lo pro uppers.
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    If there is enough interest for another group buy, count me in. I would like to test one for performance on several different AR-15's and AR pistols. If they perform and function properly, I will change the charging handles on 5 more of my AR's.

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    Is there a discount on the group buy?

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