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Thread: Reloader 10X in Lee Charge Bar

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    Reloader 10X in Lee Charge Bar

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    After multiple trips to local shops I have been unable to locate any H335 to use for some 55gr .223 loads I want to work up, but I did run across some Reloader 10X. The charge weights for this would be roughly in the 23-25gr range from what I have seen and is in the same range as the H335. There is one difference however that I did not take in to account before I bought the powder and that is the fact that it looks to be a stick powder and not a ball which leads me to my question: Has anyone successfully used the Lee Auto Disk Pro with adjustable charge bar (or fixed orifice for that matter) for Reloader 10X for 23-25gr without having to go to the double disk setup?

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    I wouldn't go over 23.5 grains based on load data unless you're going with a very light bullet. I run 22.5gr of Reloder10X with 55 and 62gr bullets.

    I'm jealous you can find it 10x as it is. I haven't found a pound since December.

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    I have a little more research on the load so the charge bar may work. The Gun Rack in Kernersville had 8-9 bottles after I got mine yesterday.

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    If I recall off the top of my head, I load the 22.5gr to 2.245". Wish I could find that many bottles! I got 8lbs in December and I'm glad I bought that!

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    I run 21.5 gns under 55gn bullet. It runs through my Lee double disk set just fine. I actually really like the 10x powder so far.

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