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Thread: Hello from New Bern

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    Hello from New Bern

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    Thankyou for the add! I am a beginner and I'm hoping to find a women's shooting club or group in the Eastern Carolina area. I really need to start at the beginning. Any suggestions?

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    Welcome Jai! Miss Lilly will be along shortly to assist you.
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    Welcome from Frontline Defense Firearms Training Center & Range. We have the Well Armed Women meet up at our range the first Sunday of each month. I know there is a Goldsboro Chapter starting up and I believe a Rocky Mount one. Here's a link to their site to locate one for ya.
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    Welcome to the forum!

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    I don't have any contacts in the eastern part of the state. Take Paul's advice and look into the Well Armed Women.
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    Welcome to the forum!
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    welcome to the club...scroll wisely.

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    Welcome to the club. Dont forget to check out the Ladies section
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    Welcome to CSC and like Butter said...........we'd love for you to check out our Ladies Section along with the other sub-forums on the board.

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    Welcome from Wake Forest.
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    Welcome from Wake Forest!
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    TY for all the wonderful welcomes!

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    Hey Hey!!
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    Welcome from Gastonia!
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    Welcome fellow New Bernian.

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