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Thread: My DIY Gun Safe

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    My DIY Gun Safe

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    I thought I would share my DIY gun safe to show what a little luck, a keen eye and taking advantage of an opportunity can do for a heads up individual...of course my wife has a different word for my scrounging and "southern engineering" projects but we don't use that kind of language on this site.

    Here's the story, over the last 3 years I have had to move our manufacturing from Rock Hill to a site in China that our German lords and Master's own, for the most part it went well and while I hated to lay off the 106 people here at the site I was really not given an option, but enough about that

    During this move we sent a lot of equipment to China and I sold off a lot to US buyers. A few weeks ago I got rid of the last of manufacturing equipment and was left with a couple of very heavy duty storage lockers, the shelves of these lockers are rated for 150 pounds and the things weigh 300 pounds, not easily moved. The CFO that I report to told me to do what I wanted with them so my Technician and I each got one, his task was to move them, one to his place and one to my basement, he arranged for some help and they cursed steadily carrying it into the basement but somehow got it in. I have a very bad back so all I could do was stand there and supervise (Thank God).

    As you will see it makes a nice safe. Very heavy gauge steel. Reinforced door hinges (Welded) and while I have not attached it to the floor or wall that is an option.

    Lock is hardened steel and while it can be cut I doubt it can be done easily and it cannot be hammered off.

    Knife Shelf

    And no I am not particularly worried about showing some of my weapons on the internet. Notice I have a dehumidifier that can be recharged indefinitely per the package and I think one that size will suffice since the temperature basement is pretty steady, if it indicates a recharge is necessary within a month I might add another one .

    I am pretty pleased with my low cost gun safe, so keep your eyes open for opportunities and ignore your wife as often as you can get away with it. Thoughts or suggestions would be lovely.

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    Very nice! Bolt that sucker to the floor and you will be good to go!

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    Sweet.....I like the fact that it doesn't look like a gun safe. Looks more like it may be housing some tools and stuff.

    I'd like something like that to go next to my safe. I find that there is a lot of space in my current safe taken up by my accessories and stuff rather than guns.

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    Really nice. Great find!!
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    Nice work.
    For even better misdirection, paint it yellow and label it as a flammable cabinet.

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    Walt you old

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    Nice score and does not look like a gun safe. I would however change the lock out to one of the Master locks with the metal guard that prevents the lock from being cut with bolt cutters.

    9 out of the 10 voices in my head told me to stay home and clean my guns today...

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    Quote Originally Posted by wmrawls
    Walt you old
    I'm tired of waiting, think I will kill something.

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    New lock for sure! Very cool idea, I need to try that out. Here's the lock I put onto my shed after repeated breakins on the previous owner. It shows several attempts to bust/cut it off, but nowhere close to succeeding yet.

    Master Lock Titanium Series Padlock Model# 185XDAT

    Reinforced for extreme strength with fully shielded, hardened 5/8in. steel shackle to resist bolt cutters. 1 5/16in.W body. Key retaining feature endures padlock is not left unlocked. Sliding keyway keeps dirt from jamming lock. ABS plastic bumper. Model 185XDAT. 2-year limited warranty.

    And it's about $10-$15 at wally world, maybe less.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rasj
    Nice work.
    For even better misdirection, paint it yellow and label it as a flammable cabinet.

    nice, my father actually has one of those cabinets in his shop that he puts all his goodies in.
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    Good job! If memory serves,there is a link to instructions for making a gunsafe from an old soft drink machine on TFL or THR. Couldn't possibly be as sturdy but should be easy to " hide in plain sight" in shop or garage.

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    ...a gunsafe from an old soft drink machine on TFL or THR. Couldn't possibly be as sturdy....
    You ever tried to bust into a soda machine?(long story...had to free an upstanding citizens arm from one)

    They use better steel that the auto mfg's do.

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    Nice job!

    I use a contractor's "job box" for my ammo and my safe "overflow". Pretty sturdy, doesn't look like it holds guns, bolts to the floor and with well over 500lbs of ammo in the bottom it ain't gonna get carried out!!

    I lined it with sheetrock to give it at least a little "fire proof-ness".

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    Very nice but and brass lock can be hammered off. And I am not saying there are none out there but I have yet to run across a padlock that a 1/4 " drill bit can't open. Drill out keyhole ,tap with hammer till tumblers fall out , open with screwdriver.

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    The lock is the weakest point on the safe IMHO.
    However it was bought years ago for a high security situation and was advertised as hammer proof because of an internal locking bar that would prevent the hasp from springing open, also it is a combination lock, which I prefer. Any lock can be broken if the thieves have enough time and equipment. I also have a webcam set up to monitor the safe. Its located in my PC work area so that was a simple thing to do.
    My main defense for the safe, I believe, is that it just looks like a big cabinet with no indication that it might hold the weapons. I do plan on moving the Stoger Box located on the top. That entire area will at some point be walled off and an exterior door installed with double locks. My intent all along was to put Plywood up and box in that area so the security would be even more enhanced. Of course the best laid plans...etc. Thanks for the comments and feed back. Proof positive that "even a blind hog can find an acorn now and then."

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