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Thread: Marlin Glenfield Model 60

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    Marlin Glenfield Model 60

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    About a year go, a buddy of mine gave me a model 60, not sure of the year model, now the rifle will not eject the expended casing. ive completely disassembled the gun, cleaned all the crud out of it i could, and oiled it well, but to no avail. the casing is just staying in place. its like the extractors are not springing open when they should. sometimes, after this happens, if i pull it all the way open, it will then eject the casing,sometimes not.

    what causes the extractors to open and eject the casing?

    any thoughts on how to fix this, preferably without having to buy any new parts


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    Model 60 not ejecting

    Sounds like your ejector spring is broken. You should be able to see a "wire" sticking up from under the bolt when opened. Its called the ejector lifter spring. here's a link to an exploded view of the gun, see item #16.
    hope this helps!

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