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Thread: Spanish Mauser in .308 cal. ***NICE***

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    Spanish Mauser in .308 cal. ***NICE***

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    Nice model 1916, Guardia Civil short rifle (Spanish Mauser) in .308 Cal. In very good condition with all matching numbers. Great shooter. As issued from the military after rebuilt and not sporterized as so many were after imported. Was looking for $200.00 obo cash or $225.00 trade value. Now will take $160.00 obo cash or $175.00 trade value. I am interested in any military rifles/ pistols new or old, 303 british ammo, 30-06 ammo, 7.62x39 ammo, 223 ammo or 8mm ammo but will entertain all offers. I am in the Raleigh area and would like to meet FTF somewhere nearby. Shoot me a PM if interested and we will go from there. Will need bill of sale and copy of ID from purchaser...CC prefered. Below is some history on the rifle that I found:

    Designated the Model 1916, the Guardia Civil short rifle follows the pattern of the 1893 Spanish Mauser. This was a breakthrough in Mauser design history because it was the first Mauser model to feature the modern, clip-fed, staggered column, flush-box magazine.

    The Model 1916's double-lugged bolt cocks on closing and, while the bolt design lacks the larger bolt sleeve gas shroud of the Model 1898, there is generous gas port cut into the left side of the front receiver ring matching a large gas port in the body of the bolt.

    The Guardia Civil Model 1916s imported by SAMCO were produced in quantity by the Spanish arsenal of Fabrica de Armas at Oviedo from 1916 to 1951. It's important to note that even though these rifles are designated as Model 1916s, they could have been made with all the improvements in steels, manufacturing processes and heat treatment as late as 1951. Like the Swedes, the Spaniards found the Mauser 1893-95 designs perfectly adequate for their needs for over a half century.

    The Model 1916 short rifle evolved from the Model 1916 rifle and was introduced to replace Spain's Model 1895 carbine. With its turned down bolt handle, 21" barrel, an overall length of 41-1/2" and a weight of 7 pounds, 15 ounces, the short rifle is a handy gun. I can understand why the Guardia Civil adopted it.

    The original Model 1916s were chambered, of course, for the 7x57 cartridge Spain had adopted in 1893. The Guardia Civil model pictured here was later rebarreled in 7.62 NATO. I suspect the conversion was done in the 1960s when Spain was converting their Model 1916 and Model 1943 Mausers into FR-7s and FR-8s chambered for the 7.62 NATO.
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    Gbelt is a bud and he talked me right out ot it--made me an offer I could not refuse--lol. He and I will be coming up Sat. Look forward to meeting with you.

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    Not a problem....Are we doing it this next Sat?
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    He had his daughter send me a money order is why I ask.
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    Hi MB, storms kept me home Sat. GBelt and I will come up Mon. if that will work for you, thanks. Left my tele # on a PM for you.

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    Sold....thanks guys.

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