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Thread: Straight Talk Wireless

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    Straight Talk Wireless

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    What's the poop on Straight Talk wireless? I just saw a commercial stating $45 a month for unlimited calls, text, web (3g?). With an Android phone.

    All with no contract.

    Is this for real? I'm paying almost $200 a month for 2 androids through Verizon. What's the catch?
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    I'm looking into this myself. My VZ contracts are up this spring, and I want to go this route. Unlimited data is something VZ doesn't even offer anymore (I have it, but I will lose it if I change my plan).
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    Whose network do they use?

    I pay $70 (before taxes and fees) for an unlimited text/talk/data plan with Sprint, but that will go to $80 when I move to a 4g phone.
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    My g/f has a straight talk unlimited plan, but not a Android phone. The one she has uses the AT&T service, and around here, it's been excellent. She uses the web, gets her e-mail delivered to it, and really likes it. She had hers for around a year now. Her son has a ST plan with the LG Android phone, and it uses Sprint for coverage. He's 17, so he uses the hell out of it for everything it can do, and so far, so good. All in all, they both like it, and I believe after my contract runs out next month with T-Mobile I will be switching to. You can set up a automatic charge service so you dont have to buy minute cards or go online every month and add time, they just do it for you. The only draw back that I see is the phones are not the latest and greatest. His is a LG Optimus Q, but unless you need the latest and greatest, it works good. Here's a link to his phone. Hope this helped a little.
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    I actually started google reasearch on this the other day. From what I can tell, their customer service is -horrible- and all their agents are outsourced to India. Aftert he experience I just had with Clearwire, I think I'll be steering clear.

    Also, the unlimited data thing seems to have some catches:
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    Good find, knifework. The savings over Sprint won't cover the blood pressure medication I'd need on so-called 'Straight Talk' Wireless.
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