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Thread: NC guys. Farm Truck tags? Rules for them.

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    NC guys. Farm Truck tags? Rules for them.

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    Hey Guys,
    Was wondering what kind of rules and limitations Farm Truck tags carry with them. The price on them is about half of what we pay for our weighted tag.

    Just curious if getting the Commercial-Farm Truck tags would be beneficial for out two trucks.

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    It's according to what your doing with the trucks. I have a farm tag on my small dump truck and it save me a good amount. When I was checking out the legalities and requirements the DMV guy I spoke with was very helpful until I told him it would be for farm use only. He then told me I'd better not ever get caught hauling gravel for hire and hung up the phone.

    I believe you still have to sign an affidavit at the tag office stating that you farm a minimum amount of land. I don't remember the amount though.

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    This is from the NCDOT website under the plate requirements for a farm tag.

    Issued to a truck that is used by a person who uses the vehicle solely for the purpose of raising and growing farm products on a farm in North Carolina not less than 10 acres in area and who does not engage in the business of buying products for resale.

    They do make you sign a paper before they will give you one of these tags. I have been stoped by a state trooper because of my tag. He was checking me to make sure I was using it soley for the purpose of what it was issued for. After he found out that I was he was a nice as could be and said have a nice day. But I have heard about people getting cought running them and not for farm products and they wished they would have spent the extra money and bought the weighted tag. So it depends if you want to drive your trucks just for farming purposes or if you would like to still be able to drive it when you want to go out and eat one night without wondering if you are going to get cought or not.

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    Thanks for the info. We went for it on my wife's truck. It's used mostly for feed store runs and horse hauling.

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    I do know this. You can get a way better rate on insurance by insuring it as a "farm vehicle." The classifications on insurance include a "1AF" class, which is a farm vehicle. I know for sure Farm Bureau has this classification, as does Progressive (here in NC). I believe Safeco does, as well. Many of your mainline companies do not offer it on their forms, but I THINK that if the vehicle is "ceded" to the "reinsurance facility" (ask your agent, he can explain it to you....., and if he can't, you should change agents!), the facility offers that rating, so just dig in your heels and demand they offer it to you. If the agent calls his underwriter and the underwriter does not know what a 1AF, or farmowner class is, you can a) change companies or b) demand that your company check with the facility (expect resistance, some of these people are dumber than dirt). You will get a significantly better rate on your insurance by classing it correctly as a farm vehicle, and you don't even HAVE to have farm tags to do so (although you should..., it is way cheaper)

    Hope that helps.
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