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Thread: 5.45 Bolt gun...

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    5.45 Bolt gun...

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    Well here it is.....CMP Armory is making these..

    Based on a Savage Axis in .223 and it features a new 5.45 barrel. I haven't shot it yet but I should on Tuesday. It's threaded 1/2x28 so it can be suppressed... hehehehe....

    Ok, here is what I know....

    The cost is $490 not incl s&h, tax etc. for this you get a Savage Axis converted to 5.45 with or without threaded muzzle...threaded muzzle gets an A1 syle birdcage hider. You also get the .223 barrel as well so you get two calibers in one.

    Barrel length is 17" at the moment and they are trying to get different barrel lenghts but unsure if/when that will happen.

    AK mags...not gonna happen due to the floorplate receiver geometry etc....possibly another mag will be available but not right now.

    This is NOT anything that was on the Savage was built in the last few days...

    I'll know more on Tuesday when I get down there.

    For further info/ordering to them:

    I'm not a rep or spokesperson for them.

    Here is the latest update....the rifle above is just the first one to see how it works/shot etc.

    ANY Savage action can be used you will need to coordinate with them before hand and the price my change a can also supply YOUR rifle to them as well.

    The barrel will be profiled more to match the AR15 HBAR profile so it won't be that big hunk you see there..UNLESS you WANT it that way. As always CALL them and coordinate....

    Barrels longer than what's shown will require 100 pre-orders with deposit so they can have them made..... to shoot it a little today and it was good!

    I got there and there was a cheap Tasco Chinese scope on it and a Coastal Gun 5.56 suppressor installed. The rifle balanced well and was very solid feeling. I took a few pics with the suppressor.. then the A1 hider and finally a hider a customer had selected for his gun.

    Here is a close up of the A1...the new barrels will be turned to the same diameter as the A1 hider with it being tapered right at the chamber area. You can see how much will be turned off in this pic..

    A customers hider with the 1/2x28 to 26mm? thread adapter installed. He chose the bull barrel as he liked the hider.

    Range report was short as I didn't have a whole lot of time....

    Shot at about 40-50 yds and the target was a green silhouette with black sharpie crosses as the aim points. Unfortunately I was shooting into the sun and could barely make out the crosses in the shadows but I think I did ok...

    Ammo used was '99 russian 7N6 and the rifle was not tweaked or bedded or had a trigger job..just the new barrel WITH suppressor installed.

    My first four rounds....

    I called that flyer as it was the fourth shot and I was hurting looking for those black lines in the cheapo Tasco....

    So without any mods and a junk scope the rifle is 1-1.5 MOA-ish capable with 7N6.....not too shabby...

    I did not shoot at 100 (which was the plan) but the scope and sun were against me so I had to settle for the closer range. Overall I'm impressed and the can was very sounded like a std velocity .22 when it went off and recoil was nil....

    This rifle and a reddot with the light profile barrel should be a good truck gun and very easy to get torso hits on waaaayy out there. Maybe next month it will get a workout back to 700yds or more...with better glass as well.

    This is their contact info. I am NOT an employee..just a friend who thinks this is pretty dang cool!!

    CMP Armory

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    Damn, that IS pretty cool, considering the ammo is so cheap (for now).

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    The only reason I can think of to shoot 5.45 over 5.56/.223 is cheap corrosive ammo which I wouldn't think would be accurate enough for a bolt gun but maybe I'm wrong. It definitely ought to be chrome lined or melonite treated (even better) for that purpose though.
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    Though I would have a preference to the 5.56 pretty neat set up. I am glad to see more and more out of the box projects are being seen using the savage Axis as the platform. The one draw back I see is not having the recoil lug on the receiver. Instead it is recessed and molded into the stock. Makes mods more difficult in my opinion.

    However, nice group, and nice looking firearm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Flashpoint View Post
    The only reason I can think of to shoot 5.45 over 5.56/.223 is cheap corrosive ammo which I wouldn't think would be accurate enough for a bolt gun but maybe I'm wrong. It definitely ought to be chrome lined or melonite treated (even better) for that purpose though.
    Corrosive primed is a non-issue..if you can't run a wet patch down the bore prior to cleaning then you shouldn't be shooting corrosive ammo in the first place. Look at the target above...not bad with a cheap scope and horrible shooting conditions. This wasn't intended to be a hipower 1000yd match rifle....but more of a scout would serve that purpose well.

    The Axis was the rifle they had on hand..they can do it with any of the Savage actions...

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    Interesting. Maybe things like this will inspire some domestic manufacturer to bring us brass cased, reloadable 5.45x39.

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