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Thread: Redfield scope warranty

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    Redfield scope warranty

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    I have a Redfield scope missing 1/2 of a cross hair. I bought it knowing this and also knowing Redfield had a lifetime warranty. Boy was I wrong!! Seems Leupold and Stevens bought Redfield out in 2008, and even though they are still building a scope under the redfield name, they will not warranty the older scopes. I can not find an e-mail address to even talk to someone at the Redfield plant. Anyone have any ideas on what to do now? I'm only into this scope for about $30.00, so there is room there to actually pay someone to fix it and maybe still come out to the good (scope sells for around 150.00 used). I'd rather get it fixed for free, but I believe that is not going to happen!!
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    Those places will repair your Redfield. Leupold will also give you 20% off a new Leupold when you turn in a Redfield.

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