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Thread: Actually got to shoot today

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    Actually got to shoot today

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    Seems I've been doing more talking about shooting than actually pulling a trigger lately. Well, I fixed that this morning. I went and checked out the new indoor range in Brevard. Nice place! Very well laid out and super friendly staff.

    40M rifle range.

    Put ~100 rounds through the 10/22 to dial in the new Tech Sights. Wonderful sights! Very happy with them.

    Put ~100 rounds through the M4gery. Some with the EoTech, some with the BUIS and some with the old style carry handle. Pretty boring really, one ragged hole no matter what I was shooting.

    Ran about 50 rounds through a new to me GP100 and I was done.

    Great way to start the new year!
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    I gotta get over there and check out that place.

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