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Thread: Custom 1911 Rig from MTR Leather

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    Custom 1911 Rig from MTR Leather

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    I asked Matt about making a full rig for my 1911, 1 3/4 in belt, avenger style holster and 2 mag carriers, After a couple of weeks of back and forth we arrived on a design and I have to say I am very happy with the result.

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    I will definitely use Matt again in the future. In fact I am already planning a rig for a S&W N frame pretty soon.

    Thanks again Matt.


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    Sweet rig...What did it set you back if you don't mind my asking?
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    Very nice.
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    Very nice!

    I want one. Color me green...
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    Quite the set-up and very impressive!
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    That looks like a great rig!
    I really need to get off my ass and have Matt make me something for my P-01, already.
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    +1 to the jealous ones!

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    Very nice. I love my MTR 1911 holster.

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    That's a fine looking rig. I'd be proud to wear that to a BBQ or any social (or unsociable) event.


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    Wow I like that a lot. Been thinking about almost the same thing for those range/wheeling/other open carry times.

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    nice set up you have there

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    Super nice. Love the matching detailing on the belt and the top of the holster.

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