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Thread: Suppressor Plans

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    Question Suppressor Plans

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    I found this on youtube lastnight. I figure its completely illegal. I have to say its really interesting.

    This is the website:

    along came these:]

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    PS: Videos are diff worth watching.

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    Completely legal. There is no law against designing and making your own Silencer long as you paid your proper taxes and received approval from the BATF first. $200 and the skills to make one is all you need.....of course you could just buy one off the shelf as well

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    WOW!!!!- WAHOO95 ,this is THE MOST IMPRESSIVE thing I have seen on CSF yet.....and a very impressive tube video was awesome( and I relly dig flamenco guitar as background noise ....very relaxing...allows you to soak it all in ......LOL!)
    WAHOO95 .....I think we got to have one......I have SOT.
    We are making a run of suppressors as we speak...but they are a two point mont design....I am thinking of maybe tweaking my design now that I have seen this.
    This flame/blast diffuser design with mulitiple cones is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!( I only use one .....)but I am thinking of changing that.
    I really dig autodesk ...we use it some for proving mechanical function/design.
    WELL DONE!!!!!
    I cannot wait to get back on the CNC Lathe for this project.....I am using a similar design (my own) for the current run I am doing ,and they have a significant expansion chamber....but I really dig the redundant cones instead of using concave "wipers" after diffuser......
    still think my design on billet CNC machined baffle for sound wave cancellation is needed, warrented , as well as two point barrel mount design,but diffusers are very important part of system ,as they keep other parts from eroding/disentegrating from flame/blast---especially when using full powered ammo....firing on full auto.Subsonic is expensive ...and it does not cycle action.....
    Do NOT like single point is accident waiting to happen when you bump it.

    Guys, I am REALLY impressed , I hope I will be allowed to attend your next event.

    Andrew @ BPM Inc.

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    plus one on legal. If you paid the tax for a form 1, and YOU are the one that builds it, then it is legal.

    I am not a lawyer, i am just repeating what i believe to be true knowing the little i know about NFA items.

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    Not only legal...but SUPER FUN!!!! Here's a video of my post match run thru from yestderday's PHA Tactical Match shooting a suppressed 9mm AR.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wahoo95 View Post
    Not only legal...but SUPER FUN!!!! Here's a video of my post match run thru from yestderday's PHA Tactical Match shooting a suppressed 9mm AR.
    Yeah...and I figure that video is gonna cost me at least $2k...LOL!
    I simply can't get a similar build out of my mind.
    Certified Ruger Nut
    TOP Trading Post LLC

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    Eddie, is that 9mmm full auto , or semi????.....(hard to tell on video, it is so quiet)
    If it is semi...what trigger are you using ???

    That thing is sweet man.........

    Thanks again for your support-

    Andrew @ BPM Inc.

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    It's Semi Auto with a standard GI trigger....Spikes Lower with RRA LPK. Considered upgrading the trigger, however I've been in no hurry though as the one in it is nice an broken in.

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    what was up with the GSG suppressor? didn't SOUND like it hardly did a 522 was as loud as that with subsonics....

    but anyways..yeah, i'd LOVE to have access to tools, and the knowledge of how to use said tools to build one...but, alas, i don't. So looks like as soon as i have the cash in money will be going to Thompson machine...for a zephyr xl

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    Glad you guys like this.. i thought it was awesome!

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