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Thread: Reloading Supplies near Hickory, NC

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    Reloading Supplies near Hickory, NC

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    Does anyone know of any places around Hickory/Lenoir area that sell reloading supplies? I need to get some 9mm bullets and some primers. Normally I buy my primers from HG&H in the Newton/Conover area, but he doesn't stock many hand gun bullets as it's mostly a hunting/fishing shop.

    In the past I've driven down to Little Hardware in Charlotte, but I'm kind of crunched for time, and they are only open during the week while I'm at work. I like the fact that he stocks the Zero bullets. They are inexpensive but load surprisingly well. I've had a blast shooting them, and the JHP's are only 1 or 2$ more for 500 rounds. So I just get JHP and load them up.(And less leading from the JHP since the jacket covers the rear end like a gas check.)

    Heading up to Michigan later this week and me and the boys are planning a little "shoot day" on Saturday. I've got around 600 loaded currently, but I'd like to have at least double that. First time we've gotten together to shoot, so I really don't know what we're going to go through.

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    ed and dales in wilkesboro is not that far from you.

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    Thanks for the response. Their shop is about an hour and 10 minutes from where I'm at. Either in Lenoir or Hickory. I don't think I'll be able to free up that kind of time to swing down there.

    Anyone know anyplace in Gastonia that carries reloading supplies? I've got to head down that way tomorrow so I might be able to stop in.

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    Check Bullseye in Vale.

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    You could hit Gander Mtn in Mooresville, they have later hours than a lot of gun stores.

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    Bulls Eye usually has a good selection of supply.
    9176 North Highway 10
    Vale, NC 28168-8579
    (704) 462-1948

    Also try Bows & Ballistics just across the Burke county line near Hildebrand on old NC 10 at the Johnson Bridge Intersection.
    8360 Old NC 10
    Hickory, NC‎ 28602
    (828) 397-4868‎

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    I have used HG&H on Hwy 16 in Conover and had good luck with "Runt". They have good selection and prices. You may have been there before, don't know.

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    American Pawn in Lenoir carries a good bit of reloading supplies.

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    Are you driving to Michigan? Go to Cabelas in WV or the one in MI. :-) There used to be that place up by Lenoir (Cajah Mountain Sports, I think, off Connelly Springs Road) but last time I was up there about a year ago they had virtually nothing. Very sad, that place used to be VERY cool.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tigman View Post
    Check Bullseye in Vale.
    +10 Larry has a huge stock & knows reloading inside & out.

    828 462-1948

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    I second Ed and Dales in Wilkesboro, and also Duncan Gun in Wilkesboro is less than a mile from Ed and Dales, I get my primers at Duncans occasionally.

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    I was in Lenoir this morning and stopped by the pawn shop. They have powder and primers, didn't pay much attention to what or what size.

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    The gun show had quite a bit of reloading goodies today in Hickory too.

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    I wish I could have made it to the gun show.

    So far I've checked Ed & Dales. They have powder, primers, some reloading supplies(primarily RCBS) and lots and lots of high quality rifle and pistol bullets. Nothing that wouldn't be cheaper to just by wally world ammo tho.

    I called Bullseye, and I'll eventually stop out there, but he said they don't carry any bulk/cheap pistol caliber bullets.

    I've checked the shops around Hickory. HG&H carries the more expensive rifle and pistol bullets, but nothing that would make reloading cost effective. I'd pay more for bullets, than I would for the same amount of rounds from wally world.

    I stopped at Fallout Guns in Salisbury, and all of the pawn/gun shops in Statesville and Salisbury.

    So far the ONLY place I've found bulk bullets is from "Bobby" @Little Hardware in Charlotte. The guy there keeps Zero bullets in stock. 500 ct boxes, and he sells them reasonably cheap. 40$ - 50$ per 500 for 9mm, and 60$ - 70$ for 40SW. I haven't priced out the .45 but I assume it's a little higher. And the price fluctuates based on the grain and style.(he usually keeps FMJ and JHP in stock)

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    "Bobby" at Litte Hardware wins again. Out the door with 1000rds of 9mm 124gr FMJ Zero bullets for 93.21$(after taxes)

    Plugging that into my spreadsheet, I'm paying $0.1432 per round using reused brass. Comes out to $7.16 per 5 round box. I'm saving about 2$ per 50. Decent, it is a much better breakdown fo4 .40 and .45.

    I did get out to Bullseye in Vale, and I'll definitely be back there. Extremely friendly people there.

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    I get mine from the 124gr fmj are 74.00 per 1k, free shipping if you order 2k or more I like them better than the zero bullets... That should bring you total to about 6.16 per box of 50...

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    Wal-mart in Taylorsville carries some reloading supplies.
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    call castle sports in baton/granite falls ,on connelly springs road ,you can also try knob trade and loan in connelly springs on old hwy 70.

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    but if you decide to order online/mail, graf & sons they carry alot .

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