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Thread: Jet Line Crosman conduit gun

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    Jet Line Crosman conduit gun

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    Does anyone know anything about the Jet Line conduit guns that were made by Crosman? I have one with the accessories and was looking to sell it. There is one on auction arms for $400 with not as many accessories I have for mine. Any input would be appreciated.

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    I've never seen that before, I may have never lived past my teen years if I had found one of those during that time. That is one of the most interesting items I've seen in a while.

    Is there any current equivalent to this available now just out of curiosity?

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    I bought it at a yard sale. It came with all the options, two big tanks that look like refill tanks or external CO2 tanks, ropes, tubes and the original tool boxes. It is a good looking pistol. I would have hurt myself as well with this thing as a kid. I wonder how long a CO2 container lasts? These are old. I would say a modern equivalent would be out there but use a compressor to push the string through a conduit. I doubt electricians get to carry cool looking airguns around.

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    I've done industrial electrical work for 30+ years and I've never run across anything like that. I've seen jet line blown through conduit and vacuumed through conduit and mostly we used a fish tape. That's the first time I even knew self propelled jet line existed.

    It would have to be used in the larger diameters of conduit for the projectile to be able to get through the radius of the bends in conduit.

    This maybe something the telephone guys used more than electrical. You couldn't take a chance firing it into a hot enclosure. Besides, I worked with too many guys who would be looking down the end of the pipe to see if it was coming.

    It's an uncommon piece for sure, I'd watch that auction to gauge how I'd price my item.

    It may go over better on eBay than a firearms auction.


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    I'm goin' out to the shop. If I don't post for a week someone call 911 please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BobK View Post
    I doubt electricians get to carry cool looking airguns around.
    Hell no, our guys can barely walk without getting hurt. They'd put an eye out for sure. I can hear it now "Hey y'all, watch this!" We use a vacuum cleaner and a plastic/foam "rat" with line tied to it.

    Nice find, personally I'd keep it but that's me.

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    I am going to list it locally and on a Crosman collectors forum and see if it sells. I shot it and it works.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NC Bullseye View Post
    I'm goin' out to the shop. If I don't post for a week someone call 911 please.

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    I showed this to my elderly neighbor tonight and asked him if he knew what it did. He looked at it and he noticed the white coil of string in it and he said, "sure, it is a tampon shooter!" HAHA!

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    It's used by cable guys when laying cable on top of suspended ceilings. I developed a more practical version about 10 years ago that does away with the non-reuseable string ball and uses a fishing reel instead. Great time saver but NOT for use in conduits....

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    Bailey Boat, if your idea is the one with the slingshot and a fishing reel, I have used it to run wire. That is a great tool. This gun would not work well in a drop ceiling, the CO2 cartridges go whatever way they want in free space. By the time the CO2 cartridge starts to propel itself under the gas release, it has already been bumped out of the gun by the firing spring.
    I have read that these are pretty rare. They were made in Charlotte. I posted this for sale on a crosman owners forum figuring some collector would like it and got banned for listing it for sale. It is a forum run by a guy that can't own real guns in Europe who did not appreciate the post. From his emails, I can see he is a big fish in a very small pond.

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    My version used a converted paintball gun in 68 cal and shot a sabot (20 ga enpty shell) backwards and pulled 10# test line from the Zebco 33 mounted on top of the paintball tube. It was fun to develop and play with but then I got bored (as I do with most things) and moved onto something else that caught my interest that particular moment..... DUH......

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    Great, now I have to find some shingles and some roofing tar.

    Note to self. 300 PSI too much.

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