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Thread: Pre season prepping

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    Pre season prepping

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    I got a call last night from my step dad. He needed help putting up a stand on some property his son, my step brother, has leased. Seems that if I can get the stand up for him I can hunt it when he is not hunting. He does not hunt much either. I would have done it regardless, but it's a plus to have another stand to hunt. My oldest daughter came along for the ride. Picked up my step dad, the stand, some corn and off to the woods. We had an idea of where we wanted it. Walked around a bit, found a tree, and put up the ladder stand. No good. Tree was bent and made sitting in the stand uncomfortable. I checked the area from the stand and decided on another tree just up the ridge. Put up the stand, not quite. Moved the stand around the tree a bit, perfect!

    Hooking in the stand on the top.

    A visitor decided to come up. I may have a hunting partner soon. She's already a fishing partner.

    A view of the old road, and my truck. It won't be a bow shot, but come rifle season you might be able to punch one through.

    The pic we took of the spot for the corn did not come out. About 25 yrds from the stand, 2 trails close by, and the road. Pretty tight in a lot of places but we cut about 4 shooting lanes for bow and rifle. There is a lot of deer in the area so hopefully we'll pull some in. I used some of the cut brush to block off the deer trail that came real close to the stand and tried to push them down to the corn. We'll see how it works.

    So now that I'm pumped for the new season I decided to get some work done to my bow. I got a half dozen arrows re-fletched. I had a backstop silencer put on. It's sweet! It's the thing that looks like a stabilizer that the sling is resting on. Really dampened the vibration and noise on the bow. Got 6 100 gr Muzzy broadheads. The bow is set up for 75 grains so I was not sure how it would react to the 100 grs. Well, here's the 25 yrd 6 arrow group with my old 25 yrd pin. I think I'm done. Just need to keep up the practice. Come on deer season!

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    Looks like your set to go hunting.Good luck !!

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