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Thread: 1942 Terkish Mauser 7mm Rifle

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    1942 Terkish Mauser 7mm Rifle

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    I have a 1942 Terkish Mauser 7mm Rifle bolt action with bayonet. It is in good condition for its age. Im thinking about selling it, does anybody have an idea what it might be worth?

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    Go to and do a search on "Turkish Mauser". Sort the results by price and that will give you an idea of the current prices.

    Good luckh
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    You sure its not a 8mm?

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    If it is a Turkish mauser it will have "Ankara" on the top of the receiver. Turk mausers are 8MM.

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    I don't really know much about this gun, i got it a few years ago from a guy i used to work with and am just going off of what he told me about it. Thanks for the advise tho.

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    It is probably an 8mm and is like many of the early 20th century Mausers....They are superb rifles, accurate and well made...they are Mausers after all...It can be shot as is or there are a million parts and modifications that can be made to them to make them very special...It is worth what you will use use it for..lots of them made for almost every country in the world...depending on the market and condition it could be worth from $100.00 to $ guess it is in the $150.00-$200.00 range....still a great rifle..
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    The bottom has falling out of the Mauser market. It was flooded a while. And now 8mm is way up from what it was. If its a normal tuck Your looking at 75 to 125 tops. Thats one of the most comman mauser out there. Good rifles. One of my frist rifles.

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    As other have mentioned, you probably won't get a ton for it. May be more fun to just keep it and head to the range! Those things kick like a mule and are a ton of fun to shoot...

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    'Good condition for its age' ???? To me, that says about 70%, tops.

    According to Blue Book, you're looking at $140 for 80%, $90/70%, and $65 for 60%.

    Its got more value as a shooter than it does a collector piece. Bayonet may/may not add up to 20%, depending on condition and whether or not its the proper bayonet for that rifle, other than one that just fits.


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