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    Uniroyal Tires

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    I brought my truck in for an oil change today and asked them about a slightly unusual sound coming from this wheel at slow speeds. They found my tire looking like this. This was on the inner side of my truck. I just drove it to Atlanta and back on Monday, most likely with this tear. Lucky it did not blow out. Uniroyal made in Korea tire with 40K miles on it. One other tire starting to do the same thing. They said they have never seen anything like it and still hold air.

    Four new Michelin tires going on tomorrow.

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    Wow. Hard to believe that tire holds air.
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    Wow! Glad you had a safe trip.
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    ok, the tear is caused by the machine that "cast" the tires.. They didnt use enough release agent... They will hold air for awhile, but not long.. The outer casing is the only thing torn, and the inner liner is still intact which is what holds the air... I wouldn't recommend uniroyal to my enemies... If you have a goodyear nearby, let me know via PM and I will get you some coupons and other stuff to get you some good deals on new rubber... That goes for anybody else too, need tires or anything goodyear does, let me know I will hook you up...

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    Uniroyal is first rate tires, and they are owned by Michelin. Crap happens.
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    Wow, glad you didn't find out about the problem traveling @ 70 MPH on the interstate.
    For about 8 years, I had 4 vehicles to keep up with.
    I have had problems with Goodyear tires and Michelin tires.
    IMHO, Michelins are overrated.
    I have had very good luck and service out of Bridgestone tires and the last three sets of tires I have purchased have been Bridgestone.
    The Michelins I have had ( 2 sets ) were constantly loosing air and didn't wear very well.

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    Glad nothing bad happened as a result. That being said, I have NEVER had a problem with any Uniroyal tire...NEVER! I have a set of Uniroyal Laredos I purchased new back in 2005 for my work truck. I only use the truck local, to haul stuff. While most of the driving is around town & by-pass driving, it gets its fair share of interstate trips as well.

    I have almost 50,000 miles on these tires. I have NEVER rotated them, which is not how I normally care for my tires. Usually every 3000 miles like clock work, but, I really don't care for this old work horse like my other's a knock around truck. You guys know what I mean.

    Anyway, the tires still have almost half the tread left on them...HALF!! And, surprisingly, they are NOT wearing uneven, they are STILL in excellent condition. I would have bought a set for my '07 Expedition this past May, but Uniroyal doesn't make a tire that will work on my Fore SUV.

    I ended up purchasing a set of NEXEN RODIANS SUV tires. AWESOME! For a lower cost "budget" tire, they ride beautifully, wear well, quiet, smooth, GREAT rain tires... Anyway, I think you just got a bum set, IMO. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase another set of Laredo's for my truck when the time comes.

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    Have never seen a cut like that except when it was run flat. Glad you made it safely. Like others I have never gotten good service out of Michelins.

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    The factory rep for Michelin told us that any tires that dont meet standards are sent to foreign countries with the name NIRO without the U and YAL.

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    I had Uniroyal Laredo Rain Tires on my first car...good tires. Like someone said, s**t happens.
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    this your Yukon??

    Gee man, glad the family is should email Uniroyal with pics and the codes off of the side of your are one LUCKY man!!

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    I've never had trouble with Uniroyal's either. Owned quite a few sets of Laredo's on my old S10.

    Otherwise, for truck tires, I buy nothing but BFGoodrich Long Trail T/A's.

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    I ended up getting a set of Michelin tires today. Uniroyal gave the tire store a $200 credit to apply to my tires and wanted them all back to check on them. Two other tires were starting to do the same thing. All were on the inside. I have never run this tire flat. With that built in air pressure sensor, I can keep an eye on the level.
    The tire place said it was clearly a defective tire. They had 45K miles on them. I am really lucky. I drive that Yukon a lot, over eight thousand miles since the end of June. 90K miles on a two year old truck. Thanks for the good comments guys!

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    Glad you guys are okay....I've never saw a tire do that...ever...


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    i used to run uniroyal but switched to michelan , the ones on my car have over 70,ooo miles on them and still have good tread

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    Quote Originally Posted by HPFilter View Post
    I would suggest you look at the date tires aren't always new.

    video here:
    The ABC News piece sure is eye opening. I would recommend everyone check the age of their tires.

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    like everyone else has said, glad it didnt blow out on ya
    and also glad to hear that they gave ya that credit sounds like they have good customer service when ya need it.

    ive had a tire do that before but i was aginst a rock in a mud hole

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