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Thread: Prayers needed please...

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    Prayers needed please...

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    My nephew (13) was climbing a tree in the front yard at the grandparents house. The limb he was on broke and he fell. EMT's on the scene were not looking very pleased with lack of movement and rushed him to big wake. So far we know he has 2 broken bones in his neck and is paralyzed from the neck down. Neuro-surgeons are on the way in for emergency surgery.

    Please say a little something for Justin if you would.

    Updates as I can. Thanks

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    Prayers sent
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  3. #3 sorry man...prayers headed up right now. Need anything, let us know...


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    Dang, sorry to hear the news, Wyatt. We'll definitely keep him in our thoughts and prayers. Keep us updated as you can.

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    Prayers sent Wyatt. Keep us informed and let the family know that CSC members will continue praying. As you know already, this is a good community of members who genuinely care. Thanks for letting the forum know.

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    Prayers sent for Justin.

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    You got'em, brother.
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    Thanks all. No updates as of yet. As soon as I know anything I'll be sure to let y'all know. Thanks again

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    I hope everything turns out well for the little guy. If you need anything let me know I am near by so I can help. Best wishes to all.
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    I don't want to jump the gun here so to speak...

    The doctors gave him some medicine they use to treat MS and reduce swelling. After that he was able to move his hands and wiggle a toe (they think he was moving it).

    They are talking of putting him in a medically induced coma, and cooling his body down. Hopefully further reducing the swelling and maybe keeping him from being a quadriplegic.

    Thanks again.

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    prayers on the way
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    Greek, prayers for Wyatt, his family, and you.

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    You got it buddy.
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    As a father I can't help but feel pain and sadness reading what happened. I hope he is resilient and pulls through with miraculous speed.

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    Praying right now. I pray the blood of Jesus on him and for complete healing. I also pray for peace for you and his family.
    Friends are always welcome.

    Family - must make an appointment.

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    prayers sent

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    Prayers sent.
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