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Thread: Every individual part needed to build an AR15

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    Every individual part needed to build an AR15

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    Just a checklist for those of you getting the kits together to make sure you don't forget anything.

    Upper Assembly
    -Stripped Upper receiver
    -Ejection port cover assem.
    ejection port cover (detent ball to hold it closed is usually included)
    ejection port cover spring
    ejection port cover pin
    pin retaining ring (usually included on the pin)
    -Forward Assist assem.
    forward assist plunger
    pawl spring pin
    forward assist pawl (w/ pawl spring and detent)
    forward assist spring
    forward assist spring pin
    -Barrel Assembly
    gas block (different gas blocks mount differently i.e. taper pins or screws)
    handguard cap (if using two piece handguards)
    flash suppressor or muzzle brake (peel washer/lock washer/crush washer depending on type)
    delta ring assembly (if using two piece handguards)
    handguard snap ring
    weld spring
    delta ring
    barrel nut
    gas tube (length dependant on barrel)
    gas tube roll pin
    -Charging handle
    charging handle stripped
    charging handle latch
    latch pin
    latch spring
    -Bolt carrier assembly
    bolt carrier (gas key usually staked on, buy it that way if you can)
    firing pin
    firing pin retaining pin
    cam pin
    gas rings (3)
    extractor spring
    extractor spring insert (or o-ring)
    extractor pin
    ejector roll pin
    ejector spring

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    Lower Assembly
    -Stripped lower
    LPK or lower parts kit
    pistol grip
    lock washer
    pistol grip screw
    safety detent spring
    safety detent
    takedown pin
    takedown pin detent (need 2, also the pivot pin detent)
    takedown pin detent spring (need 2, also the pivot pin detent spring)
    buffer retainer
    buffer retainer spring
    hammer w/ j pin (j pin keeps your hammer pin from drifting)
    hammer spring
    safety selector
    bolt catch
    bolt catch roll pin
    bolt catch plunger
    bolt catch plunger spring
    magazine catch
    pivot pin
    disconnector spring
    trigger spring
    trigger guard (if you buy a reg it will almost always include it's detent and spring)
    trigger guard pivot roll pin
    magazine release button
    magazine catch spring
    hammer/trigger pin (need 2, the use the same pin so don't worry about mixing them up)

    ***parts that are collapsible or fixed stock specific***
    buffer tube
    receiver end plate
    castle nut
    carbine length buffer spring
    carbine buffer
    carbine stock

    rifle length buffer tube
    rifle length buffer spring
    rifle buffer

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    we should have a meet/ rifle build sometime, just a thought.
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    Quote Originally Posted by soreshoulder View Post
    we should have a meet/ rifle build sometime, just a thought.
    just lemme know when.

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    Parts link

    Buttstock Assembly

    Parts link

    AR-15 Fire Control Assembly

    Parts link

    AR-15 Front Sight Assembly

    Parts link

    AR-15 Gas Tube Assembly

    Parts link

    AR-15 Lower Receiver

    Parts link

    AR-15 Rear Sight Assembly

    Parts link

    AR-15 Sliding Buttstock Assembly

    Parts link

    AR-15 Upper Receiver

    Parts link

    Hope this helps.
    John Boyette
    Chief Compliance Officer
    War Sport Ind .LLC

    Owner and Instructor
    Trace Armory Group .LLC

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    Good stuff John. Never thought to do it on CSF but I have the Bushmaster and Glock Armorers course handbooks on PDF, might have to post them here.

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    Everyone should take a look at this list.

    I have been buying AR parts from these guys since before the internet existed.

    IMHO, it's the best resource list online, just like it was before there was an online.

    Cheap no nonsense KISS builds, it's for the children!

    Add a cheap stripped lower and build an A2 for around $550. Hard to beat that.
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    Thanks for that link
    John Boyette
    Chief Compliance Officer
    War Sport Ind .LLC

    Owner and Instructor
    Trace Armory Group .LLC

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    Quote Originally Posted by J.Boyette View Post
    Thanks for that link

    I know the un-knowable,, lol

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    Great thread, my son and I are working on a build. Thanks

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