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Thread: Printable Online Targets

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    My home-made pistol target. The X is 6 inches, the circle is 4 inches, and the bullseye is 1 inch.

    ***When you view this PDF and hit "print," a window will come up with printing options. Under the heading "Size Options," you have to select "Actual Size" or the measurements will be off.
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    Here are some good ones.
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    Good stuff.
    Can we sticky this somewhere?

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    Nice thread, thanks!!

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    Good stuff.
    Can we sticky this somewhere?
    It was a sticky until yesterday.

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    Dang, glad it wasn't a snake! HaHa. I never seen it before until yesterday morning.

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    It was a sticky until yesterday.
    Yeah, that's odd. It is now...
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    Yeah, that's odd. It is now...
    Thanks, BurnedOutGeek!

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