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Thread: Astra "cub" 22 short

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    Astra "cub" 22 short

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    I just picked up a Astra "cub" 22short can anyone spare some info on this? the real value ? I paid $130 for it with a box of bullets. I seen them on gunsa america for $250 - $500 . its in good condtion considering it was made in 1961. If I paid too much I got a cool little shooter

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    I always thought something is worth what I am willing to pay. I carried one of those a bunch of miles over 25 years and always thought it was a good little pocket popper. I should have kept it but poor people can't keep everything. I liked the .22 because it didn't cost much to shoot. Larry

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    I turned one down at $125 last week, but not because it wasn't worth that. Just didn't want to mess with it. I think that is a good price. You certainly will never lose money on it.

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