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Thread: Facebook post leads to home invasion

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    Facebook post leads to home invasion

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    Police: Facebook Post Led to Home Invasion -

    Not sure if this is a repost but was an interesting story. What some people do is idiotic. This goes along with the stories about how insurance companies are telling people not to put their vacation plans online.

    Alton police believe a photo posted on Facebook led to a violent home invasion early Monday morning in the 1100 block of Rock Spring.
    Detectives say the two victims received a large sum of money in a lawsuit settlement. They took a picture of themselves posing with the cash and a gun and posted the photo on Facebook. They say around 1:30 Monday morning two men carrying their own guns busted into their homes screaming, "Where's the cash? Where's the cash?"

    The suspects did not steal any money but they did take the firearm that was in the photo, said Alton Police Chief David Hayes.
    "And obviously for anybody who would want to commit a crime like that, they probably wouldn't think twice about hurting somebody," said Hayes.
    Hayes says police believe they know who they are looking for: one of the men was wearing all black; the other was wearing a grey hoodie and jeans. The man in the grey hoodie is believed to be about 5 feet 11 inches tall and 230 pounds. Police say they are familiar with him.
    "We do have a few leads we're pursuing," said Hayes. "They've established a trail."
    He said he hopes to have an arrest within a few days.
    The Better Business Bureau said this is a lesson for everyone who uses Facebook."You really do need to look at privacy settings on your Facebook account," said Jim Judge of the BBB. "Understand what people can see. There are certain settings where you can allow some friends to see more than others."
    "If it is saying when you're leaving on vacation or that you won a bunch of money, are those things you want everyone to know? Because in essence, everyone is going to know, said Judge.
    He said parents should remind their children of that too.
    Hayes agreed. "You have to remember that when you post your personal and treasured items on Facebook, you're putting it out there for the whole world to see. And there is no privacy. If you value the assets you have, you shouldn't be advertising them out there on the social networking sites."
    Police say the suspects were last seen in a dark blue or black small Dodge or Mazda.
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    Wow, the gene pool of my generation scares me more and more every day...

    Oh by the way, check my Facebook photos, I just added some of all the valuables, firearms etc., and a video of my turning the alarm off... see yall in a few weeks.. going to Europe on vacation!

    End sarcasm...

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    this is also an example to the people that think that having a gun can protect you from home invaders.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jrgreen View Post
    this is also an example to the people that think that having a gun can protect you from home invaders.
    Chances are the gun was in a cabinet or drawer somewhere and not in a holster.

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    If my outside dogs start barking the arms are picked up. If the inside barkers get started then so do I.

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    Good to know, thanks for sharing. I've never put photos of my firearms online. Not wise.

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    I'll post vacation info, after I'm back home. No way I'm letting folks know I'm not there. My 20 yr high school reunion is this year. I bet 30 people posted their home address on the facebook page. In high school I thought these folks were pretty bright, maybe I was wrong.
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    I despise facebook but I am a hypocrite in that I have one to keep in touch with friends that are too far away to keep in touch with otherwise. All the pics on there are ones my wife shared my name on, none showing the layout of our house, none showing anything valuable. It took a long time to get her to stop posting when we were going out of town but a neighbor getting robbed helped.
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    When we have our gatherings I ask folks to PM their intentions instead of putting them out here. Never can tell who is lurking about in the shadows. My worst problem is getting broken into while we are at church. We now have three seperate systems--the next thief will get "Buford Pursered" without pity or remorse. Time to stop these scumbums.

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